Read: To Vietnam with Love

I usually read up on places I am visiting before a trip. Whether it is travel guides, blog posts, recommendation sites, I read them all. I picked up <<To Vietnam with Love: A travel guide for the connoisseur>> as an afterthought. I was at the library and my arms were already heavy with two other guidebooks. But I’m glad I did. <<To Vietnam with Love>> … Continue reading Read: To Vietnam with Love

Read: The Naked Traveler

The Naked Traveler and I on the train to Solo

I can’t believe I forgot to mentioned bookstores in my “10 things I love about central Java, Indonesia” post.

The bookstore, along with the supermarket, was one of the unspoken “Must Visit” sites for us. On the first day, we visited the Gramedia bookstore in Malioboro Mall. It looked like a regular Popular but inside it is 50 times more awesome because there was 49 times less assessment books.

The bookstore is part of the Kompas Gramedia Group conglomerate which also has a publishing division churning out volumes of out translated works such as The Hunger Games.

I decided that I should checkout the travel section to find out what sort of travel non-fiction is popular in other countries.

At the travel section, I found a dizzying array of travel guide books and literature. Most of them were money-saving indie travel guides with strangely similar topics: “Travel XX country with YYY rupiah!” Replace XX with a country with YYY the amount of money and you have a new book. Continue reading “Read: The Naked Traveler”

Read: Vagabonding: An Uncommon Guide to the Art of Long-Term World Travel

Phew, that was a mouthful of a book title. I forgot how I came across this book online. The title, Vagabonding: An Uncommon Guide to the Art of Long-Term World Travel, was interesting enough for me to request the library to send a copy to my nearest library. It was S$1.55 reservation fee and took about one month’s wait for it to reach me because … Continue reading Read: Vagabonding: An Uncommon Guide to the Art of Long-Term World Travel

Read: The Great Railway Bazaar

I was introduced to Paul Theroux’s by a travel writer on Twitter. The tweet wasn’t directed at me and I’m not even too sure who it was.

The tweet made Paul Theroux sound like The Best Travel Writer in the World™. I then decided to check out The Great Railway Bazaar from the library.

Synopsis: Writer takes train after train after train from London all the way to Japan (with some flights in between), passing by Europe, the Middle East, India, Southeast Asia and back through Russia.
Continue reading “Read: The Great Railway Bazaar”

Read: Round the world with NT$100,000

This was the book that inspired my round-the-world trip dreams. By inspired, I mean “to really make plans” instead of just jotting it down in my mental bucket list. I actually borrowed it twice from the library. Long story short, Taiwanese indie traveller 943 shares how she went on a RTW in 80 days by only spending slightly more than NT$100,000 (US$3,340). She used point-to-point … Continue reading Read: Round the world with NT$100,000

Read: Eat, Pray, Love


I admit. I was one of the nasty people who scoffed at the premise of Eat, Pray, Love when I first heard about it.

What? Rich lady travels the world to eat, pray and love? I immediately filed it under Stuff Other People Read, right next to Twilight.

Guess what, I read Twilight last month and I just finished Eat, Pray, Love (one hour ago, to be exact).

First off, I should have never put Eat, Pray, Love next to Twilight in my mind. Twilight needs to be thrown in a fire, along with the movie franchise and shirtless boys. Continue reading “Read: Eat, Pray, Love”

Ten Nights of Dreams

Weird coincidences led me to 2006 movie Ten Nights of Dreams The original story is by Natsume Soseki. I first read the translations of Ten Nights of Dream in year 1 when I took Introduction to Japanese Studies. It comprises of ten different stories, all of them bizarre and I have yet to solve them. Ok, the reason I’m watching the movie is because of … Continue reading Ten Nights of Dreams