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YQ travelling is the travel blog of a career breaker who finished a 4.5-month round-the world trip solo in 2013.

The blog aims to inspire other 20-somethings to travel by sharing budget travel tips and travel stories.

[Information updated as of February 23, 2015]

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YQtravelling on Facebook
Facebook: [245Page Likes]

YQtravelling on twitter Twitter: @yqtravelling [296 followers]


Blog traffic statistics
Page views in 2014: 196,627
Visitors in 2014: 144,9401

Followers on 340

Most blog visitors come from Singapore, Malaysia and United States. Other visitors come from Australia, Indonesia, India and the United Kingdom.

Facebook Page statistics
Facebook Likes: 245

Most popular city: Singapore
Most popular age group: 25-34 years old

Newsletter subscription statistics

Subscribers number: 39

Other publications:

Article appeared on AirAsia blog “A Day in Osaka”.
Post appeared on Flocations’ blog: “24 hours in Kuching”
Featured author at
Tripzilla Magazine


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phone: +65 8127 1327

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