Offerings for ghost month

Welcome to Ghost Month

You know how the west (and Americans) have one night of Halloween to play dress up, ask for candy and honor the dead? Guess what, we Chinese have a whole month of that but minus the dressing up, candy or playful spirits. What we have instead is the opening of Hell Mouth and a bunch of Hungry Ghosts. Welcome to the Ghost Month The Ghost … Continue reading Welcome to Ghost Month

Anatomy of a Chinese wedding in Malaysia

I just came back from a weekend trip back home to attend the wedding banquet of two high school classmates in Kota Kinabalu. Maybe I should say, the wedding of one couple who were both my high school classmates.

This post will be about Chinese weddings in Malaysia. From first hand witnesses, I’ve found out that Chinese weddings differ in Malaysia, Indonesia and China, so I’m trying not to lump every Chinese wedding together.

Here’s the lowdown of what goes on in a modern Chinese wedding in Malaysia.

The wedding would take about a year of preparation (from what I’ve heard). Not only is there the wedding certificate signing thing to finish, there is also the morning traditional ceremony and the dinner banquet.

If the family has lots of ties (relations, family friends, colleagues, business partners etc), we can expect an elaborate wedding banquet comprising of three changes of evening gowns and a hall-full of tables.

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