Nine years after my round-the-world trip

Every April to August, I would get a tinge of nostalgia as I get updates from my phone about my 2013 round-the-world trip.

It has been nine years since. I’ve stopped travelling intensively after the trip–just too tired. And I’ve tried many other things.

I sometimes get hit by jolts of memories of my trip while I’m doing regular old stuff:

The YQ(travelling) then feels so distant from the YQ(magic) now.

Who am I today?

At this point, I’m in a state of limbo when it comes to actively living off my life.

I’m at a cruising point–doing the same thing again and again without making any changes.

I have the excuse that I will start living more consciously after I move into my new house. (Oh, I became a Singaporean in late 2021 so I could buy a house on my own.)

I am working as an e-commerce operations person at a local supplements wholesaler. But I never use this identity when I meet people–my job is just not as exciting for me to use an identifier.

I co-run a monthly comedy show–PowerPoint Karaoke.

I alone-run a monthly book club–Read Aloud SG Book Club.

I almost forgot to mention that I sometimes teach tarot.

I had major surgeries in 2021 to remove a tumour in my jaw. I now have braces which I might be able to remove in a year’s time.

Who am I?

Hello, this is me in a dress.

As you can see, I don’t exactly have a coherent identity. I have too many things I like to do.

All of them are me. But each one of them alone is not the whole me.

I sometimes wonder if I’m being deceptive about my identity. But I can honestly say I am not so that’s not true.

I wasn’t so sure what I wanted to say with the post but I want to say “Hi” to anyone who drops by. I hope to write more here but it wouldn’t be coming from the point of YQtravelling who travels to different countries.

Maybe YQtravelling means “moving”–which at this point I’m not but I hope to get back to it.


3 thoughts on “Nine years after my round-the-world trip

  1. Hi Yun Qing :)

    I see no reason why you couldn’t change the name — maybe simply focus more on yourself (“Yun Qing”) rather than travelling?

    :) Norbert

      1. IMHO it’s more like you *rented* it (or maybe even think of it as it’s the taxes you pay for *using* the property ;) )

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