A storm is coming to Hong Kong [YQrtw Day 126 Aug 14]

Location: Hong Kong

According to the directions by the hostel, I could take a bus from the airport to the hostel for HK$40. Unfortunately, due to the typhoon, no buses on my route was going.

Dude, where's my bus?
Dude, where’s my bus?

I didn’t know about the no-bus thing and was waiting at the bus stop. Then a taxi man told me about the situation and proposed driving me to Hong Kong Island for about HK$200. I told him that I was on a budget and would prefer taking the train instead.

The Airport Express into Hong Kong island was HK$100. I paid and extra HK$5 to get to Causeway Bay where my hostel is.

There was eerily few people out in the streets when I got there at about 8:30am.

Only people out were tourists
Only people out were tourists

Checking in a rather dodgy hostel

At check-in, I was told to wait a while for the room to be prepared. I waited a long while and had to ask again for my bed before I was shown to my room.

My hostel is fortunately not in the Chungking Mansion area. Still, it wasn’t a proper hostel area. Several units in the residential building were turned into tiny rooms/storage space packed to the brim with beds.

When the hostel person and I got into my room, one of the girls on the top bunk woke up and screamed. She only saw the man and didn’t see me. I would scream too when a strange Chinese man comes into my room while I was sleeping.

After a shower, I head out into the streets for some food and to see what happens on Typhoon Day.

Typhoon day in Hong Kong

What is a hoisted typhoon?
What is a hoisted typhoon?

Well, nothing much happens on Typhoon Day. Only about 2 percent of shops were open. I ended up eating egg tarts for breakfast at a posh hotel. The Portugese/Macanese egg tarts were so good.

Awesome egg tarts with good Italian coffee
Awesome egg tarts with good Italian coffee

Lunch was a very expensive takeaway from the supermarket. HK$290 for rice, a bit of chicken, roasted meat and one half of a salted egg.

I explored the empty streets with an umbrella before I got the takeaway and went back to the hostel.

The wind was pretty strong and the rain was heavy. Almost everyone on the streets were tourists, specifically Mainland Chinese tourists. I think we’re the only fools going out into the typhoon.

Typhoon day in Hong Kong
Typhoon day in Hong Kong
It's raining water, sadly not men
It’s raining water, sadly not men

After I had my lunch, it was about 1pm. My head was aching from jet lag and I decided to take a nap. My nap turned out into a 5-hour sleepathon. I’m awake now and typing but I think I might go back to bed after I send this off to you.

Until tomorrow! Let’s hope the typhoon goes away and I can have some real food. Oh, I also need to figure out where I’ll be sleeping tomorrow because my bed has been booked up.

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