Bus tickets to the north bought! [Day 83 Jul 1]

Location: Santiago, Chile

Unfortunately, museums are closed on Mondays so I couldn’t spend my time looking at captioned items in a warm room.

Instead, I decided to buy my tickets to the north of Chile. Memorizing my route with Google Maps, I headed out after a great breakfast of scrambled eggs on bread.

I heard that buses in Santiago only accept payment by Bip! card so I’m glad I bought mine yesterday.

Santiago Bip! card
Santiago Bip! card

A ride on the bus was about 600 peso (S$1.50). One very good things is that bus transfers are free within 90 minutes. I took a total of 3 rides for 600 pesos. Bua hahaha.

Since I checked the bus timings online, I showed the cashier the bus timings, destinations and prices. The two rides cost a total of 47,600 peso (S$119) for a total of 25 hours.

Tur bus ticket
Tur bus ticket

On Wednesday, I’m taking a 5 hours bus ride to La Serena where I will stay overnight for one day. Then it’s a 20+ hour bus ride to Arica which is near the border of Peru-Chile.

After buying the ticket, I hopped on a bus to La Reina. I actually had no idea what there is in La Reina but anything with a name like “The Queen” is cool to me.

A pair of musician got on the bus at the same stop and were busking for a part of the journey. Busking happens quite a lot in South America.

I didn’t reach La Reina. Instead, I hopped off the bus when I saw a nice building. Unfortunately, it didn’t look like a museum up-close.

Mural in Santiago
Mural in Santiago

I walked around, taking photos of nice things and ate a set lunch at a Peruvian restaurant.

Using my City Guide app (one of my favorite apps for this trip), I figured out how to get back to the hostel. On my way back, I went to the supermarket and accidentally bought fizzy water.

I also bought a S$1 soap. It was expensive because the soap is gigantic! It’s twice the size of a regular soap back home.

Chilean soap
Chilean soap

After heading back to the hostel, I snuggled into my bed. Two new habitants checked in, N from Isreal and H from South Korea. We made plans to have dinner together. Five points to YQ!

Before dinner, I made a batch of honey lemon drink with boiled fizzy water because water in Santiago.

Overheard in the hostel

After dinner, we headed back to the hostel after H and I bought groceries.

Wi-Fi only works in the hostel lobby so I had to drag my laptop down. Unfortunately, three modern hippies were having dinner and talked in obnoxiously loud voices.

Among the juicy quotes from their loud conversation were:

“I feel uninspired by material things. I can’t fulfil myself in material possessions.”

–Canadian Guy 1

“You guys don’t have herpes, do you?”

–American-Indian Girl, referring to sharing drinks, not STD.

“I’m afraid I’m too drunk right now. I don’t want to be the girl who can’t handle herself.”

–Same girl

“I’ve been in rooms which just sucked my energy.”

–Canadian Guy 1, commenting on the quiet lounge

“You are like a princess… You have a warm heart. And that is beautiful.”

–Canadian Guy 1 to girl. [Get a room already!]

At the hostel, there’s a 60-year-old man who cannot stop talking to other people. However, his opening line is, “Do you speak English?” and he only speaks to white people.

As you can see, I’m quite a partypooper who hates it when other people have fun.

What’s the worst thing you’ve overheard in a hostel?

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