Eat and party like an Argentinian [YQrtw Day 75 Jun 21]

Location: Puerto Iguazú, Argentina

It’s another 2-part post for Jun 21 because so much had happened!

I finished dinner at 12 midnight, seriously. I haven’t had dinner this late since I was in Paris when the person who brought a bunch of us girls to eat couldn’t find the right place in the semi-dangerous neighborhood.

The food came at about 11:00pm and it took us 5 people about one hour to polish off everything

Argentinian share platter
Argentinian share platter

Inside the shared platter, there was blood sausages, kidney, chinchulines (small intestines), chicken, meat sausages and beef.

It was my first time trying BBQ kidney and intestine, although I’m very familiar with these two parts. Kidney tasted better when grilled because the ammonia seemed to have lessen while intestine was still tasty as always.

Blood sausage was a new dish to me. The texture wasn’t as great as regular pig blood curd I had back home in Malaysia.

The rest of the BBQ meat were delicious. I especially love the fatty parts which were burnt crispy on the outside but oozing with cholesterol on the inside.

Party like an Argentinian

After the meal, I was persuaded to go to a party at a hostel nearby. It seemed like everyone was going so I tagged along.

By the time I left at about 2:30am, the party was still going on. There was much beer pong and dancing in the small living room space.

I did what I did best. I took off my shoes and curled on the ratty sofa to continue reading my book. This avoided awkward dance sessions and allowed me to read the book quicker.

South Americans really love to party. The girls were very forward in their search for dance partners, something I admire but would probably not be doing any time soon.

When I was ready to go to bed, it was about 3:00am. I don’t think the party ended until 4:30am.

What’s more amazing is that we had to wake up at 7:00am to get ready for the highlight of the day.

What’s the latest time you’ve had dinner?

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