YQ on the bus

Almost 23-hour journey to Iguazu Falls [YQrtw Day 74 Jun 20]

Location: Puerto Iguazú, Argentina

The headline’s a bit of an exageration because our bus did stop for dinner and to San Ignacio for a bit of sightseeing. Still, it took us about 23 hours to arrive in Puerto Iguazú.

I’m writing this post on the lower bunk bed in a 10-person dorm in a hostel. There is mould on the wall and the ensuite bathroom looks a bit iffy. My complaints stop here.

Yesternight, we boarded the bus at about 7:30pm and off we went. While I was terrified of being on the party bus, there were seats in the lower deck where there was less partying so I enjoyed quite a lot of sleep.

At about midnight, the bus stop at a rest stop for about an hour. It was very very cold outside.

Argentinian rest stop
Argentinian rest stop

It seemed to me that there were almost 100 people in the rest stop restaurant. It was the beginning of the super long weekend and service at the place seemed really slow.

You first have to queue up at the first line to get a receipt for your food. Then join the super long queue for food and wait for the food to be cooked. Then you find a table.

Thank goodness I bought a ham and cheese sandwich from Buenos Aires so I didn’t have to join the crazy queue.

While waiting to go back on the bus, I enjoyed seeing my breath come out in white wisps although I couldn’t catch it on camera.

Back on the bus, I settled down into my seat, pluggged my ears, covered myself with my Emirates blanket and fell into deep sleep. ZZZZzzz.

Ready for any long-distance bus rides
Ready for any long-distance bus rides

The Next Day…

It was about 7:30am when I woke up. The bus was passing by fields dotted with what I first thought were boulders. Later I found more “boulders” and these had legs. Hey, they are cows!

I kept imagining how tasty the cows would be but there was no steak around to pacify my stomach.

Our next stop was a petrol station with its 2 cubicles in the ladies’ and a hot water dispenser for mate lovers of Argentina.

Warm water dispenser for mate lovers
Warm water dispenser for mate lovers

Then it was a long long long bus ride to San Ignacio.

Ruins of San Ignacio Miní

Unfortunately, it was raining when we got to San Ignacio. I changed to my flip flops so I would not end up with wet socks and shoes.

San Ignacio model
San Ignacio model

You can read more about San Ignacio Mini on Wikipedia because I didn’t really understand the Spanish-speaking guide. It was the first time I’ve seen a Christian construction built from red earth, a nice change from the usual stone stuff I’ve seen in Europe.

San Ignacio Miní in the rain
San Ignacio Miní in the rain


San Ignacio Miní sculpture
San Ignacio Miní sculpture

After the guided tour, we walked in the drizzle to a tourist restaurant. Along the way, there were a lot of souvenir stalls.

Souvenir stalls at San Ignacio
Souvenir stalls at San Ignacio

After lunch, it was a long bus ride to our hostel in Puerto Iguazu. The rain did not stop.

It’s now 8:21pm and my dorm mates are playing Spanish songs loudly. At least the songs are nice. I’m now thinking if I should head out for dinner because I don’t think it’s covered in our tour package.

See you soon!

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