To Recoleta Cemetery, again/ Visa application [YQrtw Day 72 Jun 18]

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

In the morning, I woke up at 6:15am to get ready for my visa application to the United States. I need to have 2 visits to the US’s office and embassy.

Today’s visit was only to get my photo and my finger prints taken. I took a cab to the application center because I did not want to get up extra early to take the public transport there.

The process was very quick. I queued with the rest of the people, had my application form stamped and was  asked a few questions about my transit.

I was seated at the “special” area because I cannot speak enough Spanish. At the photo taking counter, I was asked a few more questions and was given a bobby pins so I can pin up my hair for the photo.

And it was done. I took the subway back to the hostel because I wasn’t as rich to take a cab both ways.

The subway wasn’t very crowded and I managed to return to the hostel at 8:00am, in time for breakfast.

Classes sped by as we crammed our minds with reflexive verbs and vocabulary for telling the time. Soon it was lunch and I had Chinese food again.

School trip to the cemetery

Our school trip today was to Recoleta, specifically the cemetery. The place is so gorgeous that I do not mind visiting again.

In Recoleta Cemetery
In Recoleta Cemetery
Mausoleums in Recoleta Cemetery
Mausoleums in Recoleta Cemetery
Tree of life
Tree of life
Roca? Roco?
Roca? Roco?

We had some questions which we needed to ask passerbys for answers.

Our teachers stopped one lady in oversized sunglasses who resembled a frazzled Anna Wintour. Wintour was haughty in her answers, saying that for her, the most famous person in the cemetery was her family.

Excuse me.

Another gentleman with his wife were more than helpful with their answers, showering us Level 1.3s with lots and lots of words. Thank you kind sire.

After the CCA, I head back to the hostel to pack my bag. I’m heading to Iguazu Falls tomorrow evening with a tour group. The group will leave on Wednesday evening and reaching Buenos Aires on Monday.

Updates on the blog might be paused if I cannot get good internet or if I am driven mad by the party tour bus. I am deathly afraid of parties.

What are your plans for the weekend?

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