Mosque, zoo and long bus rides [YQrtw Day 11 Apr 18]

Location: Dubai, UAE [Day 3]

I woke up earliest this morning to join the morning tour of Jumeriah Mosque organized by the SMCC (10 dirhams)

I got off the wrong stop (2km too early), took a bus to a nearby mall to get a croissant and milk for breakfast. Took another bus to the mosque.

At 10am, the tour began. First stop was the cleaning area where worshippers clean themselves before entering the mosque.

Then we got to go into the mosque, sit on the carpet and listen to the tour guide.

The tour was really well organized and taught me a lot about what Islam is about (Peace!).

Jumeriah Mosque in Dubai
Jumeriah Mosque in Dubai
Inside of Jumeriah Mosque
Inside of Jumeriah Mosque

After the mosque, I took the bus to the zoo nearby (2 dirhams). When I got there, I remembered why I don’t like zoos. The animals were in their cages, looking bored to death. That made me feel sad.

One good thing about the Dubai Zoo (besides being cheap) is that you can get quite close to the animals.

But many visitors (1 adult, 1 teenager, 1 kid) banged on the cages to get the animals’ attention. I wanted to ask how they would feel if someone bangs on their windows for their attention.

Cute monkey is suspicious
Cute monkey is suspicious

After the zoo, I took Bus 8 which brought me to almost the other end of Dubai. On the way, I passed by many futuristic buildings. This is the place moviemakers should come if they want to film “The Future”.

I stopped by Mom’s Cafe for lunch. It was almost 3 p.m. and I was terribly hungry. Lunch was a taco-like roll because the shawarma wasn’t ready yet.

I also manage to hit 14 dirhams of transport fees with my NOL card. This meant that the next rides were free so my last ride back (4.30 dirhams) was free. I think this is a great system to encourage tourists to use the public transport.

After taking the metro back, I decided to stay in the room to rest.

Dinner was two shawarmas from one of the stalls downstairs. I love shawarmas to bits. They are so TASTY!

Tomorrow is Cruise Day and from then on I will not have Internet connection until the 4th of May. I’ve lined up a few posts for you so you won’t miss me.

Until then, safe travels!

4 thoughts on “Mosque, zoo and long bus rides [YQrtw Day 11 Apr 18]

    1. The kids were alright and most of the adult stares were OK too. But sometimes there are one or two whose eyes I want to claw out. (So violent!)

      1. Aiyoh. Cannot anyhow claw eyes out. Nanti dia pikir kamu sudah gila. Send you to to mental institute how? and then your hair surely kenna shaved.

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