Glutton in Pontian, Johor

The weekend trip to Pontian was short and sweet. My sister and I did not do much, which also meant that we did not eat much.

There’s not much formal travel information on Pontian (zero at the time of writing on Wikitravel) so we did a lot of Google searching about food and things to do.

Pontian Wanton Noodles

Pontian Wanton Noodles
Pontian Wanton Noodles

Since Pontian Wanton Noodles is famous in Singapore, I decided that we must eat wanton noodles in Pontian.

Unlike its name suggest, the wanton noodles is not promiscuous or cruel. Instead, it is a noodle dish served with little dumplings (wanton) which are fried or boiled.

We headed to Kedai Mee Heng Heng, a 15-minute walk away from the hotel. I was so hungry that I brought us into the coffeeshop next door.

I was rather puzzled why there was no wanton noodle. We were told that the dish was served next door. We thanked the people and sheepishly left the place.

Our noodles came really really slowly. We found out later that serving food at a slow pace is typical of Pontian town.

We ordered the black sauce noodles (instead of the sweet red sauce–ketchup–which feels urgh). The noodles were alright and the wantons too but nothing to shout about.

Football Field Restaurant seafood

Football Field Restaurant seafood
Football Field Restaurant seafood

Another highly-raved about place was the Football Field Restaurant which seemed like a long distance from our hotel on Google Maps. In reality, the route was quite quick.

We didn’t order crabs because they were priced at a crazy RM70 per kilo. I could have RM18/kg crabs in Sabah so I refused to order crabs.

We did have grilled flounder which was amazing, as usual. The chilli paste that came along didn’t spoil the sweet taste of its flesh. (I sound like a cannibal.)

yucky noodles

Mediocre noodle at mediocre Pontian noodle stall
Mediocre noodle at mediocre Pontian noodle stall

We wanted to try food at the Market. However, we found outthat the market only opens in the evening and at nights. In the end, we headed to a row of shophouses and tried our luck at one of the coffeeshops.

We stood in the shop waiting for tables to clear. No one was leaving and food was served at the usual snail pace.

We switched to a roadside eatery instead. The food was very bland.

Tropical fruits

Tropical fruits: Mangosteen and guava
Tropical fruits: Mangosteen and guava

Not counting the fish, this was probably the highlight of Glutton in Pontian.

Our taxi driver stopped at a roadside fruitstall where we bought a bag of mangosteens and two humongous guavas. I finished my guava only on the second day, biting through it like a beaver with my front teeth.

As for the mangosteens, they were sweet and delicious. I had fun making a video about how to peel a mangosteen, check it out if you haven’t seen it.

Have you been to Pontian? What did you eat there?

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