Brunch at Drips Cafe, Singapore

TGIF! It’s #FoodFri again on YQtravelling.

I feel like I do not write enough about Singapore so here’s an introduction of a nice cafe in the peaceful neighborhood of Tiong Bahru–Drips Bakery Cafe.

I found out about the place from J who has impeccable taste when it comes to nice food.

My breakfast platter #2 (S$15.80++) was gigantic. I especially love the buttered toast. The bread was sweet and the butter salty but creamy.

The sausage was a little unfortunate though. It was limp and the sausage skin was too tough to saw off with my knife. :(

Drips Cafe brunch
Drips Cafe brunch

The caffè latte was normal and it wasn’t burnt, which to my untrained palate is good enough.

Drips Cafe caffe latte
Drips Cafe caffè latte


Enough about the food (Wait a minute, is this not #FoodFri?), I want to show you the rest of the cafe.

Interior of Drips Cafe
Interior of Drips Cafe

The cafe is on the ground floor of a shophouse. In the front are the counters for food and drinks, the middle is where the table and chairs are while deeper inside there are couches.
Drips Cafe
View from inside Drips Cafe

At the coffee section, there was a sign saying: “TRAVEL”. I was wondering why it was there. I think it’s because the romance of travelling.

Drips Cafe--Travel
Drips Cafe–Travel

The walls were decorated with paintings that were available for sale. Most of them were semi-abstract and priced too high for me to support the artist.

Paintings for sale at Drips Cafe
Paintings for sale at Drips Cafe

Bonus tourist attraction

Temple of the Monkey King
Temple of the Monkey King

There’s a temple dedicated to the Monkey God from the Chinese classic Journey to the West at the corner of the road.

I wasn’t sure why Sun Wu Kong would be deified since he’s a made up character. At the altar, there were figurines of the Monkey God.

Drips Bakery Cafe is at 82 Tiong Poh Road, #01-05, S(160082).

The nearest MRT is at Outram Station (green line) and it’s just a short walk away. Checkout’s map.

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