#FoodFri ‘Large’ glass of sake


It’s Saturday now, didn’t manage to post on Friday but better late than never.

Was out for Night Festival tonight, visiting museums and watching outdoor shows and lights (update to come soon).

Anyway, we stopped by Standing Sushi Bar, intrigued by their alcohol promo.

I got the “large” glass of sake and D got the plum wine. Mine tasted very “adult” and was dry.

Not really my type of drink. Thank goodness the glass wasn’t as large as I imagined it.

//PS I realized that I sent the post to my other blog instead of this one, so bringing it over.

2 thoughts on “#FoodFri ‘Large’ glass of sake

  1. Thanks for coming to the restaurant! Sake is a bit of an acquired taste, but at least now you’ve tried it! Supposedly it’s very good for the skin and also helps to live to an old age, so that could be a side benefit. Hope.you enjoyed the food and art exhibits!

    1. Thanks for visiting the site. The chicken wings were good. Although we were a bit sad the heart and liver weren’t available.

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