399 days to my round-the-world trip

I use a Web app called “Countdown to Disney” to track how many days there are left to my round-the-world trip.

But I must admit. I have not done much in preparation of my round the world trip, except thinking up which locations I want to go and telling people who are willing to listen that I am going on a round the world trip.

So exciting

I’ve planned to leave right after the 15th day of the next Chinese New Year in 2013. I’ve been on two big trips right after Chinese New Year in the past: 1. My student exchange to China; 2. My work trip to Barcelona which was also my first visit to Europe.

Besides not doing much (yet!), I’ve also reread this amazing book by a Taiwanese indie traveller who calls herself 943.

Great book: Round the World with NT$100,000

She went on a RTW in 80 days and spent slightly more than NT$100,000 (US$3,340). She spent her nights mostly with Couchsurfers and did her research to make sure that she’s using the cheapest transportation. It’s chock full of indie travel gems if you read Chinese.

Following her advice, I’ve started to check out the destinations I plan to go to and whether I need visa for them. Next will be researching on what is the cheapest way for me to get around, a RTW ticket or single flights cobbled to make a RTW.

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