Travelling locally, a blog idea

Wanderlust doesn’t necessarily have to include a lot of wandering.  There are, of course, a lot of good reasons to take an international holiday: hiking in Patagonia, drinking coffee in Paris, or visiting orangutans in Borneo all make for an exciting itinerary. But flights are growing increasingly expensive, and, for Americans at least, the standard two weeks of vacation a year adds a time constraint to the already formidable financial burden.  For others, amongst them high numbers of unemployed, time is less an issue than lack of money.  Additional factors, such as the environmental expense of long flights or the general crap state of the economy, make it harder than ever for many to commit to an international vacation.

One solution is to start exploring your local area.  It’s not strange that many travelers know a place like India better than they know their own states.  Tourists have a more immediate urge to see the sights, and there is no match for good travel infrastructure.  The United States has a lot of beautiful places, but reaching them by public transportation is more challenging than in many other countries.

Found this interesting article on travelling locally. It gave me a bit of inspiration for this travel blog.

Travelling locally, Southeast Asia?
Travel local, Malaysia? 

But then, I should probably fill this up with my past Malaysian trips instead of dreaming about future ones and phantom blog posts.



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