Not in room day

Today was a day of break from studies, for official reasons.


Went to SCWO to take photos of the place and bought two non-study-non-travel book.

Then went to Bras Basah to see if they have cheap travel guides. Japan isn’t the most popular destination for these second hand book sellers. I found three and all of them are at least 10 years old. Hmm… And they cost at least S$15. SCWO’s thrift shop has spoiled me, second hand books should cost only $5 max!! and that’s hardcover.

You know what I got from Bras Basah in the end? Harry Potter. Ha, the french children’s version. $5.


 These are worth the money because you never know when you can find one.

Received email from Kyudai to fax my passport to them. That’s going to cost money. sigh sigh

also disappointed that NUS wants to charge me for summer programme module mapping .Shame on you!

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