How to create Instagram Reels in Singapore

I use Instagram a lot for my woo-woo side hustle @yqmagic previously Tarot Singapore Online.

Since Instagram announced Reel in August 2020, I’ve been waiting not-very patiently for it to come to Singapore.

It’s still not here yet as I write this in September 2021.

But I found a “hack” to create Reel accidentally.

I have a Creator account for @yqmagic. It’s an account type for influencers (lol, am I one). It’s recommended if you want to “[c]onnect with your audience and build your personal brand on Instagram.”

I’ve tried duplicating the steps with my other Instagram accounts. But they don’t work. So I’m not sure what’s happening. (Maybe Instagram really thinks I’m an influencer and is giving me access early.

Accessing the Reel camera in Singapore

Because it’s not officially in Singapore yet, there’s no way to select the Reel camera in the usual interface.

You’ll want to go directly to a Reel, for example my Reel of a rainy 5am.

Or find a creator who has posted their Reel, and hopefully this shows up. Click the link to Watch Full Reel.

You’ll then have access to the full Reel and the Reel camera.

Click on the Camera and you’ll have the Reel interface.

After posting your first Reel, you’ll get the Reel tab too. But non-Reel user won’t be able to access it.

Let me know in the comments if it works for you.

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