Catching a cold and recovering in Santa Ana [YQrtw Day 122 Aug 10]

chicken feet soup for the sick

Location: Santa Ana, El Salvador

I woke up today with stuffy nose and phlegm. This is the second day in which I have such symptoms. I’ve caught a cold at almost the end of my trip.

I think it’s from the two times I’ve soaked in the little swimming pool. Even though the day is really hot, the water is cold and it takes a while to get used to.

Having a cold gives me a very good excuse to not explore Santa Ana. The sun, the heat and the racist cat calls are some things I do not enjoy but are thrown in bundles at me here in this little town.

At first I thought my symptoms were not as serious and that I would be alright after drinking litres of water. But when mom asked me on the phone (LINE is amazing for free calls) if I had headaches, I started feeling dizzing. (It could be that I didn’t have a real dinner and only two eggs for breakfast.)

I did a bit of work on the laptop in the public area and decided to nap. Sleep never came so off I went for lunch at a cafe recommended by the hostel. The cafe/restaurant was lovely and served snack-like meals instead of full meals. I think I’ll head here tomorrow for breakfast.

Chicken feet soup for the sick

I went shopping for something to cook since the hostel kitchen is too amazing to be left alone.

Hostal Casa Verde's awesome kitchen
Hostal Casa Verde’s awesome kitchen

I bought some chicken feet and neck, celery, tomato and celery. This will make good comfort food and they cost about US$3.50.

When I was cleaning my ingredients for the soup, I was horrified to find out that the heads of the chicken were still hanging on. Fortunately, I didn’t need a knife to tear off the head. (Someone call PETA!)

The chicken feet soup was a success. I like how Chinese soup is mostly about throwing everything you have into a pot. I had some soup and macaroni for my afternoon tea and more for dinner.

Chicken feet soup for the sick
Chicken feet soup for the sick

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Hong Kong travel tips appreciated!

By the way, I’m going to Hong Kong in a few day’s time. I’m quite clueless about the city so I welcome your travel advice and tips for it. Thanks!

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I think I’ve caught half a cold so I’m hanging out in my Santa Ana hostel.

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Caturday: Assassin cat in Miraflores, Lima

assassin cat

Cat in Miraflores, Lima

Cat inner monologue:

I knew that this assignment won’t be easy but I need the money for catnip. Why did I even touch that drug in the first place.

I’ve been following the target since this morning but strangely, I think somecat is following me too. I keep looking over my shoulders but I only see humans. I think I’m losing my touch.

The target has stopped to lean against this wall. He can’t hear me because I’m a silent assassin. Maybe if I pounce now, I can eliminate the target immediately. Here goes nothing.

Cat in Miraflores, Lima

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