Waiting for the bus to Sercuk [YQrtw Day 54 May 31]

Pamukkale Post Office

Location: Pamukkale, Turkey

I’ve grown to like unwinding days during this trip. I secretly wish to have days when I do not need to sightsee or walk under the hot sun, to sit in the shade and scroll through my Feedly for cat photos.

Today was such a day. Mom and I were travelling to Sercuk at 4:00pm for our Ephesus tour tomorrow morning.

The travel agents have been very enthusiastic in pushing the day tour for Aphrodisias. As much as I love crumbled buildings full of history, I’ve had quite enough of walking in the hot sun looking at crumbled buildings. Well, at least for today.

I managed to convince mom that we should hang out at the hotel until our check out time at 11:00 am. In the early morning, mom–who had napped for a long time yesterday–went for a walk by herself while I continued to sleep.

The part where I sing praises about egg

When I woke up, mom was back from her walk. We had our hotel buffet breakfast. My very favorite type of food for breakfast here is the egg.

The marvellous, humble, notorious, protein-packed hard boiled egg.

In the face of unfamiliar breakfast food such as bread, tomato, cheese and ham, the egg triumphs for its complex flavor.

The part where I forget my ATM card and get ourselves lost

The thing about travelling with someone else is that they will see all the travel mistakes I make along the way.

I do not mind getting lost and finding my way back but with my mother, it’s a lot harder to continue getting lost as she would ask me to ask for directions. (I detest asking for directions.)

This morning, after breakfast, we walked to the main road for the ATMs. I told my mom that she was taking the wrong path and said we should take the two paths and see who is right.

Turns out mom was right. Oh well.

We did manage to find the row of ATMs. However, I was devastated to discover that I left my ATM in my other bag.


My misadventures for the day did not stop there.

When we went looking for the post office, I some how misread my Google Maps directions and went to two wrong places before mom asked some school kids how to get there.

Well, at least there was an ATM there and we could get some cash out.

Walking to Pamukkale's post office
Walking to Pamukkale’s post office

The rest of the day was spent at a tourist-oriented restaurant run by the hilarious 68-year-old Mustafa. We then head to the Japanese restaurant for Today’s Desserts which was banana cake and was also Yesterday’s desserts.

At the restaurants, Mom and I bumped into two groups of Malaysian girls. One group were air hostess in Oman while the other came on the same flight as mom. It’s a really small world.

PS It seems like we’ve met more East Asian girls travelling than boys. Can someone explain why this is the case?

Eventually, our bus to Sercuk arrived. It was a van. I was stuck in the corner with a really chatty Brazillian who talked to an Argentinian girl about travel throughout the first 2 hour of the journey. I never knew anyone could talk so long without stopping to breathe.

Glutton in Egypt

Open air restaurant
Glutton in Egypt
Glutton in Egypt

I spent 2 days in Egypt with a tour group, visiting Giza and Cairo. Unlike Chinese tour groups, we were brought to local restaurants for our lunches (dinner was not included in the package).

I fell in love with Egyptian food when I took the first bite of a well seasoned barbeque meat at our first restaurant.

BBQ meat with bread and rice
BBQ meat with bread and rice

Egyptian bread is fluffy and has an empty air pocket in the middle. I love tearing off bits of bread and stuff them in my mouth. Mmmm.

Bread, beans, potato and beetroot

At one of the stops, we had vine leaves with something inside. I couldn’t remember what it was, it could have been meat but it might have been something else.

i also ate falafel for the first time in Eypt (yep, I didn’t have any in Paris or Dubai). It was nice but I do prefer my balls of food to contain meat.

Falafel and vine leaves

The honeydew that we were served at lunch was pure sugar.


The roast chicken that we had was delicious. Even though I was stuffed with bread and falafel, I tore through the well-seasoned poultry and gobbled its tender meat. (I’m very hungry just remembering it.)

Roast chicken in Egypt
Roast chicken in Egypt

Hibiscus tea

I first heard about this exotic drink on a Jamie Oliver cooking show. He was preparing a meal in under 20 minutes or so and whipped up a batch of bright red hibiscus tea from tea bags.

I bought a box of hibiscus tea when I found it on the shelves of an Egyptian Carrefour. The drink I made was really sour and I didn’t have that great of an impression.

Hibiscus tea
Hibiscus tea

When I was on the tour, I found out that hibiscus tea is served cold and sweetened. I love this formula.

The taste is a mix of sweet and sour. I overheard someone describe it as “cranberry juice” so you can imagine what it tastes like.

Other interesting observations

open air restaurant

The two of the restaurants that we went to were open air. Even though this made the location even more exotic, it’s kind of crazy sitting in the hot open air under the desert sun.

While meals were included in our package, we had to paid extra for drinks. (This was the same in Jordan.)

Bread ladies
Bread ladies

The two places that we went to had a section where ladies made bread. It was quite fun to watch them pound dough and bake bread but it felt more like a zoo which made me uncomfortable.

Coca Cola in Arabic
Coca Cola in Arabic

Not actually something very interesting but here’s a can of Coke in Arabic.

What is your favorite Egyptian food? Share them in the comments below!

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