#FoodFri Devonshire cream tea set in Singapore

Fosters Devonshire cream tea set

My favorite place for afternoon tea in Singapore is Fosters, an English Rose Café at Holland Village.

Tea set for two
Tea set for two

Even though the scones are the leading characters in the set, the Devonshire cream steals the limelight EVERY SINGLE TIME! The rest of the spread is so so.

The white cream comes in a small tub, the top in a cute swirl. It doesn’t taste of cream but of coconut. Can you imagine? Coconut bread spread that doesn’t taste like fake coconut.

Choice of coffee or tea
Choice of coffee or tea

My history with Fosters

Setting of Fosters, an English Rose Café. Menu opens like a paper
Setting of Fosters, an English Rose Café. Menu opens like a paper

When I was in university, one of the bus I take always passed the restaurant. It looked posh. With my university allowance, I didn’t think that I could afford going there.

So, one of the first things I did when I got my first pay was to visit the restaurant.

I was curious about its Devonshire Cream Tea Set. Back then, the set had two scones, four finger sandwiches (2 cucumer–eek–and 2 ham), 2 fruit cakes.

Today, there is only 2 sandwiches and 1 dried store-bought fruitcake. At least, the one coffee or tea remains the same. The breadspread is the same: strawberry jam, butter and Devonshire cream.

It’s only available from 3 to 6pm which is a tricky timing since lunchtime passed not so long ago.

The restaurant is decorated quaintly and makes a good place to chat with friends. If there’s only two of you, you can sit at the two sofas near the door where a suit of armor guards.

Yoko-chi is hungry!
Yoko-chi is hungry!

How to get to Fosters, an English Rose Café

The nearest MRT stop is Holland Village.

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Have you been to Fosters? Do you like Devonshire cream?

Happy birthday, YQtravelling

birthday cake

birthday cake

Hello! It’s Jan. 8 and a special day here at YQtravelling. It’s the blog’s one-year birthday!

This marks one year since I’ve moved the blog from Posterous to WordPress.com. It will actually take me another 3 months to get serious about blogging but let’s just ignore that.

Thanks for following the blog throughout the year. If you’ve only joined in recently, welcome!

So what has happened during the year? A lot. :) I visit more places than I ever did in the past years. I’ve written about more places than I have in my life time.

Let’s checkout what were the top 5 posts during the year:

Top 5 blog posts on YQtravelling

No. 5: Choosing a bus from Singapore to JB (January 2012)

One of my first “to do” posts here. I wanted to share the different options there are for people who want to go to JB from Singapore.

No. 4: How many travellers does it take to renew a passport? (July 2012)

Turns out there are many others who are curious about how to get a Malaysian passport renewed while in Singapore.

No. 3: How to beat AirAsia’s b***s**t extra charges (February 2012)

One of the posts which I share the most. Since the post was first published, AirAsia changed its booking system. I updated the page and put the older version in a separate post for those who are nostalgic about the old system.

No. 2: Exploring Tokyo’s red light district at night (September 2012)

I was surprised to find out that a post in September had managed to shoot up so high into the ranking. It turns out that many people are interested in the mysterious Kabuki-cho, or maybe the “red light district”.

I think the visitors who came from Google were disappointed to find out that I did not include recommendations of host or hostess clubs. The raciest photo I have is a faraway shot of Doraemon characters in a PG-13 pose.

No. 1 Tips on taking train from Singapore to Malaysia (February 2012)

Taking the overnight train is one way to save on accommodation when travelling. I like the sleepers on our Malaysian train. The booking system is not as straightforward as I like but it works.

Things outside of YQtravelling

I also experimented with guest posting.

Over at Flocations, I share how to plan a 24 hour trip to Kuching.

At Diario de un curtido en Asia, I share how you can maximize a 24-hour trip in Singapore.

At AirAsia’s blog, I share how my day in Osaka went. This was the guest post which I gained the most traffic from. I really need to start writing more there.

Things to come

So, what will happen to YQtravelling in the new year? A lot. :)

I can’t share too much at this period but the blog will follow me while I travel.

Once again, thank you for joining me on my travels.

Tell me what you would like to read more on the blog: tales, tips, blogging, food? Drop your thoughts in the comment.