Stayed San Jose Marriott Hotel, review

As you might know from my blog, I’m a budget traveler. Or maybe I should say, a miserly traveler. So why am I reviewing the San Jose Marriott? Don’t worry, this isn’t one of those phantom posts about places the writer has never been to. I had the chance to stay at this hotel chain during my business trip in May to San Jose. I … Continue reading Stayed San Jose Marriott Hotel, review

Indonesian Nasi Bali

#FoodFri Glutton in Jakarta

It’s lunchtime here in Singapore so I thought it’s an appropriate time to launch this week’s #FoodFri. I was in Jakarta last weekend and was quite disappointed by the food there. But I only have myself to blame. Despite all the research on food in Glodok, I didn’t really jot down the locations nor print out a Google Map of Chinatown. Well, not everything was … Continue reading #FoodFri Glutton in Jakarta

6 tips for a pleasant budget flight

Once you go budget, you never go back. Unless you have lots of money that is. I’m a big fan of budget airlines, although I don’t like the hidden charges they secretly add on while you book. The longest budget flight I’ve taken was the now-defunct Kuala Lumpur-Paris route. Thank goodness I was sleepy both ways and was deep asleep during the 14 hours trip. … Continue reading 6 tips for a pleasant budget flight

#FoodFri Japanese fast food: Nakau

My #FoodFris are turning into Supper Fridays with all these late posts. Today, instead of a dish, I want to show you something special from Japan. Nakau is a fast food chain in the Land of the Rising Sun. They don’t serve burgers or fries but Japanese food such as noodle and rice. We had these during our trip to Kyoto last year. The meals … Continue reading #FoodFri Japanese fast food: Nakau