How did the motorcycle cross the river?

When I was in Hoi An, I saw a very curious scene. Boats would carry a large number of motorcycles to nowhere.

I wondered if they were new motorcycles, being shipped from the dealer’s to the wherever they sell motorbikes.

So when I saw one of the boats passing by while I was on the boat ride back to Hoi An from My Son, I looked carefully.

There are people sitting in the boat, shaded from the sun under a small roof while the motorcycles were out in the sun.

I realized that the boats carried the motorcycle drivers and their vehicle across the river. It totally makes sense now. A lot of people ride motorcycles in Vietnam and somehow they need to cross the river.

Other scenes of Hoi An, Vietnam

#FoodFri ‘Large’ glass of sake


It’s Saturday now, didn’t manage to post on Friday but better late than never.

Was out for Night Festival tonight, visiting museums and watching outdoor shows and lights (update to come soon).

Anyway, we stopped by Standing Sushi Bar, intrigued by their alcohol promo.

I got the “large” glass of sake and D got the plum wine. Mine tasted very “adult” and was dry.

Not really my type of drink. Thank goodness the glass wasn’t as large as I imagined it.

//PS I realized that I sent the post to my other blog instead of this one, so bringing it over.