#FoodFri Murtabak @ Singapore



It’s very rare that I praise local food in Singapore. By local food, I mean Chinese, Malay, Indian or Peranakan dishes. (I would rather put American food to represent Singapore.)

Why? Because the Malaysian-made version is usually better.

But, I admit that the beef murtabak at Zam Zam Restaurant is up to standard. The dough was fried crispy and they were not stingy with their corned beef.

However, at the price of S$6, it’s really a lot more expensive than what we could get in Malaysia.

Zam Zam is located at the Arab Street area. Address: 697 North Bridge Rd, Singapore 198675

#FoodFri is a post up on each Friday featuring a dish or meals I’ve had when travelling (or staying put). Happy eating!