Going home for the new year

Happy Chinese New Year! AirAsia gave me some surprise angpow packets–nice touch considering it’s a budget airline.
I found the staff canteen at Terminal 1 of Changi Airport. Food here is local and cheaper than the restaurants at the airport. (Actually, airport food here isn’t as inflated as other countries.)
I’ll be home for a week to rest/eat/spend time with family. To be honest, I didn’t bring any new clothes with me (not that I have much to begin with). The red (festive) dress I have with me is about three years old!!

5 free touristy things to do in Singapore

Flag Day

Unlike its neighbor countries, Singapore–my current adopted country–can be a lot more expensive if you factor in the currency exchange.

If you’re on a stopover here heading to Thailand/Indonesia and do not want to break your budget holiday streak, here’s a list of 5 touristy things you can do for free on this sunny island.

When I say touristy, I don’t mean it in a negative way such as “This is not what a local would do so it’s not an authentic experience.” I actually wish more people would get around and do some of the stuff because travelling doesn’t only mean getting away.

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