Fleeced sheep


Went to Ginza on Monday night for dinner.
Stopped by the Apple Store when I found out it was nearby.
Found out that the iPhone 4S is only S$770 for the 16GB model in Japan. In Singapore, the same memory is more than S$900.
Totally WTF

Tokyo, the milky way

Time to catch up on my travel blog.

Writing this post on the plane back to Kuala Lumpur. It is now 12.17am, October 26. I can’t sleep because the pilot has left the lights on.


I’ve always loved the night view of cities. Tall buildings with lights on look like the night sky.

On the way to Tokyo, I had the window seat and I had the chance to see the goegeous night view of Tokyo.

The first thought that came into my head when I saw the lights sparkling below the dark land was “The Milky Way”. It looked exactly like the stuff we see on TV, where a swirl of white and yellow and red dots decorate the pitch black vacuum.

Unfortunately, my camera skills and my camera didn’t do justice to what I saw.


I’ll still always love cities, especially the night.