reached hotel

Tokyo's hotel is cute. No WiFi but there's LAN connection.

Reached hotel at 1am++ but luckily there still was train to get here.


Ate onigiri. yummy

Back to the future

A bit of explanation required for the title of this post.
Finally, I am going back to visit Japan. Since Japan is super modern, we can say it’s the future. .:. the cheesy title.
I’m now at the Low Cost Carrier Terminal in Kuala Lumpur. My flight will only leave at 2.40pm so I have A LOT of time to think about my life.
I’m travelling with my mother who has never been there. The last mother-daughter trip we had was the KL trip in November. Hope this works out well.
I will need to keep my temper in check.
Travel plans for these 10 days are: Tokyo
– Kansai region with Kyoto as base – back to Tokyo for another day and flight back. I will be back in Singapore on a public holiday (was it unintentional?) and can rest a bit before work.
Weather in Tokyo and Kyoto seems fine, for now.