Sun July 20, 2008 Miyajima

The official name of the trip is Hiroshima Trip. But actually, we spend most of our time on Miyajima Island (aka Istukushima), so they should be calling it Miyajima and Hiroshima trip to make it sound fantastic. Our trip is from Sunday to Monday. Monday was a public holiday called Umi-no-hi, meaning Sea Day. And the only reason it’s a public holiday is because there … Continue reading Sun July 20, 2008 Miyajima

Sat July 19 Sleeping Buddha

 I just did a calculation of how much I’ve spent for these three weeks. Even without minusing my prepaid stuff, I say I’ve done quite good at budgeting. The down point is that you’ll have to miss out social events, but at least you will get more rest than socializing. Another weekend, today the family brought me to visit a large reclining Buddha. We had … Continue reading Sat July 19 Sleeping Buddha

Wednesday July 16, 2008 Tenjin #3

As okaasan was back in her kampung, there was no big breakfast. I didn’t have to hurry either so I took my time tweezing my eyebrows and stuff like that. I realised that K was eating breakfast quite late and found out that he was probably planning to skip school. I can’t confirm any of this but I feel guilty not telling okaasan. Later I … Continue reading Wednesday July 16, 2008 Tenjin #3

July 13, Sunday. Ukiyoe exhibition

I’ve killed three mosquitoes since in Japan. It seems like they don’t like to suck my blood (good) and they are quite slow. But I’ve seen others with horrible mosquito bite bumps. Okaasan bought tickets to the Ukiyo-e exhibiton at the Fukuoka Arts Museum. It started yesterday. It’s a collection of ancient Japanese print art from Boston. It’s the first time okaasan has driven into … Continue reading July 13, Sunday. Ukiyoe exhibition

July 14, 2008 Monday Yukata Buying

(will update when i can :D Another school day. I feel more relaxed going to school because I would not have to speak Japanese. But that defeats the purpose of coming to Japan. I’m confused. In class, a classmate bought this Sprite Light with the slogan “Sexier than water”, I never knew that liquids can be sexy Oh, today was the day before Yamakasa. And … Continue reading July 14, 2008 Monday Yukata Buying