July 30 Dazaifu zazen trip

*it’s been a week since I’ve updated the blog. so looong. so lazy* Woke up at 6am because slept at 11pm last night. French toast for breakfast with vitagen flavoured yogurt. There was no language class today as we’re having our Japanese culture trip in the afternoon. There was pop culture class though, but it starts at 10.30am. Went to the school lib to update … Continue reading July 30 Dazaifu zazen trip

July 29 Tue – Fukuoka Museum

Warning, a long entry with boring details. Got the tickets for the egypt exhibition from okaasan. The ticket is only valid until July 31 and other than today, I would not have time to go. Today’s breakfast was pasta. Considering how little time okaasan had to prepare, the spaghetti was very good. It was al dente and even had some mushroom as toppings. Oishii~ Took … Continue reading July 29 Tue – Fukuoka Museum