Instant update

The card represents the critical factor for the issue at hand. The Fool, when reversed: Apathy, negligence, and dangerous carelessness. Unquenchable wanderlust. Obsession with someone or something. Losing all sense of proportion. Foolhardy adventuring and lack of interest in critical matters. Immature or unrealistic ideals. Strange impulses and desires coming from unexpected sources. Vanity, delirium, folly, and oblivion. I hate cards that make no sense … Continue reading Instant update

July 28, 2008 Monday almost nothing day

Today almost turned into one of those nothing-much-happened-I-might-as-well-skip-this-blog-entry day. Rode the bike to the station. Waited for the 8:31am train to go before walking up onto the station. Oh, let me explain a bit about my Japanese classes. We have different teachers on different days. Don’t know why they made it that way but it makes grammar learning a bit more difficult. One of the … Continue reading July 28, 2008 Monday almost nothing day