July 31 – okonomiyaki party

another make-your-own-meal party at Sakiko’s place

return tickets to school and home


coffee flavoured!












Hot cakes with butter (from a tube!) and syrup



July 30 Dazaifu zazen trip

*it’s been a week since I’ve updated the blog. so looong. so lazy*

Woke up at 6am because slept at 11pm last night. French toast for breakfast with vitagen flavoured yogurt.

There was no language class today as we’re having our Japanese culture trip in the afternoon. There was pop culture class though, but it starts at 10.30am. Went to the school lib to update my blog and to bid for modules.

Today’s pop culture class is our mid-term exam. THe prof said he only gives A’s or B’s, so it didn’t mattered how well you write (according to me, anyway).

We watched a short film called <Yasashisa no kuni>. Sypnosis:

I wrote something really crappy. I’m a bit worried for my last year in university if my writing is this terrible.

FInished early and went for lunch. Had soba instead of udon for lunch. I conclude that udon is tastier as noodles for a soup dish.


After lunch, everyone waited at the international student centre for the culture trip. We talked about howw our host families are very eager hosts and sometimes read a bit too much from what we say.

For M, she accidentally said, “Oh, my friend went to a waterfall.” And she realised they were looking over maps and saying, “waterfall… waterfall…” Oh no!

My example would be when I said, “How I wish to see a field of lavendar.” after seeing some lavendar plant while walking the dogs. I expect okaasan to say, “That would be lovely.” but  okaasan went silent for the rest of the journey. Is she thinking abuot Hokkaido??! I didn’t mean that seriously!!! IN the end she found a day trip to a lavendar field. Thanks!

Be careful of what you say!

Then around 1pm, we went on our bus and off to Dazaifu.

HY had this cool thing to use as tripod, one end goes to your camera, the other to be screwed onto a bottle


A quick history of Dazaifu. It used to be the centre of government for the Kyushu region during the Nara and Heian period. Around year 1000, if I’m not wrong. And as it’s closest to Korea and mainland China, people travel to and from Kyushu to the Asian continent through somewhere there.

ON the bus, HY showed her tripod. The metal is screwed to your camera while the rubber yellow part is fitted over those regular bottle caps. And then you’ll have a water bottle tripod. Super cool!

We reached Dazaifu after about 40 minutes. Our meditation was in an really old temple. Back in the old days, this was one of the three places to go if you want to be “certified” as a monk.

#will continue once I’m in the mood, for the time being, will post only photos



Some very old wooden statues




YT and I half ran to the Kyushu National Museum because we only have less than two hours before it closes. We showed our Kyudai student card and explained that we were foreigners taking classes in Kyudai. The lady at the counter called someone, and I thought she was going to charge us the normal 420 yen, instead of the high school and uni student 130 yen. Oh my money.

But it turns out, we were given free entrance to the museum. And the audio guide thingy was lent free of charge too. I heart Kyushu National Museum.



My current favourite way of taking photos: reflection
















July 29 Tue – Fukuoka Museum

Warning, a long entry with boring details.

Got the tickets for the egypt exhibition from okaasan. The ticket is only valid until July 31 and other than today, I would not have time to go.

Today’s breakfast was pasta. Considering how little time okaasan had to prepare, the spaghetti was very good. It was al dente and even had some mushroom as toppings. Oishii~

Took extra time at the train stations to take pictures of the prices for travelling on trains and subways.


And since I will be going to the museum, which is quite far, I bought a one day subway pass at 600 yen.


Today’s teacher was the one who inspired fear (who I find not so frightening today). She was in class earlier than the other teachers usually are.

J brought a shirt with a signature of a baseball player.


 SoftBank HAWKS is the local baseball team. I’ve never seen a baseball match before, but it sounds exciting. Perhaps I maybe able to go… I only have less than two weeks here. Yikes!

Today’s class was an essay class. The title is <Japanese Language and fill-in-the-blank>. I  thought mostly in Chinese and wrote something similiar in Japanese. No wonder my Japanese has not improved. tsk tsk.

It was really really sunny during lunch time. I didn’t feel like I have much of an appetite, so I bought these: small bottle of cafe au lait milk, cream puff, and Japanese sticky rice cake with red bean paste filling. All of this costs 322 yen, around RM10. faint


Then it was popular culture class. We learned about comics. Yeah yeah yeah! And were shown BL and moe stuff. ha ha ha

After class, YT who was planning to go to Tenjin, went with us to the museum too.

The train to Meinohama was quite packed when it reached our station. We had to stand for a while before there were seats. Then we reached Meinohama station.

It’s a great station with underground shops. My station is just empty! Wawa took us to the book store. And Ouran’s Hikaru and Kaoru are on the cover of their weekly comic mag.


Now a short explanation of Japanese popular culture’s <Comic> sub-theme. The usual comics that you might be familiar with, those palm sized books, are called singles. Before comics are published in single format, each chapter is published in a weekly mag. Weekly mags are as thick as phone directories, see below


But the paper is a light paper so it doesn’t feel like you’re carrying a dictionary around. In one weekly mag, you have around five artists’ different stories that are on going. And different stories are published on alternate weeks. And if your story is popular enough, and you have enough chapters, your comic chapters are released in singles.

Isn’t Japan amazing?!

And I also bought a guidebook to Kyoto at 840yen.


Had other choices of guide books but this one had a spread of <The tale of genji> museum and other related info. Just *had* to buy it for Genji’s sake.


But to my horror, when I read it on the way back. The museum is closed from renovation from July 28 to Sept 3. NOOOOOOOOOO! So disappointed! sob. but it’ll be an excuse for me to go to Kyoto and then Uji in the future. v(^_^)v

Back to the day’s event. After comic buying, we went in search of a kimono shop that was having a sale. We found it in the end, but the things there didn’t attract my attention and their obi look ugly. Bought nothing in the end.

Then we walked back to the train station, Wawa decided to go back to her place because it was near five and her host mom takes her out around that time.

Off YT and I went to the museum. It was a 15 minutes walk from the subway to the museum. On the way, we asked a girl where the museum was and she pointed to the wrong direction. We saw another map at the wrong direction and it showed the museum was near where we were. Then we asked another group and finally found the place.

The museum lobby is huge.


They had a miniature yamakasa parade, so cute




The egypt exhibition had so many stuff and explanation. I find the embalming part the most fascinating because it’s gross.

It was past six by the time we finished. And off we went to see the Fukuoka tower.

On the way, we passed the city library. It is super big! Like a stadium, not a library! And this is only a corner of the place


Near Fukuoka tower, I saw rkb, a broadcasting station which shows MAOU and other shows. They had HUGE posters of MAOU and I tried to take my own picture with them. I hate the glass’s reflection!




Then I peeked in the building because visitors need to register when they go in. They also have large posters there. I want!

Fukuoka tower is tall. hmm…


On the way back, I took YT in the wrong direction. and at last, we found the right direction and had to walk a long long way back.

There was a Donkihote right at the entrance of the subway station. I bought the perfume I’ve been thinking of for some weeks. 1,880 yen only!!


Then we took the subway back. YT went to Tenjin’s BIC CAMERA while I stayed on back to my station.

Got back at 8:15pm and okaasan took us to a ramen shop called “STAMINA RAMEN”. They had lots of comic there but no customers. Despite having no customers, the tonkotsu ramen I had was good. Pork fat floated on my soup that I couldn’t see the bottom. Sounds gross but it’s yummy!

Then we went to Trial for some shopping. I have a feeling I might cycle there one day before going back. I love the bike.

Then home we went with ice cream.


Rides taken on subway
Hakozaki Kyudaimae – Meinohama   320
Meinohama – Nishijin 200
Nishijin – Kaizuka 290
TOTAL: 810 yen


Instant update


The card represents the critical factor for the issue at hand. The Fool, when reversed: Apathy, negligence, and dangerous carelessness. Unquenchable wanderlust. Obsession with someone or something. Losing all sense of proportion. Foolhardy adventuring and lack of interest in critical matters. Immature or unrealistic ideals. Strange impulses and desires coming from unexpected sources. Vanity, delirium, folly, and oblivion.

I hate cards that make no sense at the moment you read it. Will think about it these few days

July 28, 2008 Monday almost nothing day

Today almost turned into one of those nothing-much-happened-I-might-as-well-skip-this-blog-entry day.

Rode the bike to the station. Waited for the 8:31am train to go before walking up onto the station.

Oh, let me explain a bit about my Japanese classes. We have different teachers on different days. Don’t know why they made it that way but it makes grammar learning a bit more difficult. One of the teacher inspires some sort of fear in me. ha ha. she’ll be teaching tomorrow.

Today’s class was all about grammar. I suspect the teacher’s watch a bit slower than others’ no wonder we always finish late.

The walk to the canteen was very very sunny. Thank goodness I have my new sunblock.

Ate with Naomi only. Wawa didn’t come to school because she wants a day of rest. Sakiko is studying for her exam.

Pop culture class today was about Japan movies. Saw versions of The Ring. The American was scary as Sadako even know ninja skills of space shifting. But the American Sadako’s face looked hilarious. Ha ha ha

After class, went to 007 with YT, C and Z. It’s a shop selling otaku stuff, like figures, DVDs, posters and comics. Saw a 10-book set of Ouran High selling at 2,300 yen. Oh! If only it were 2,000 yen for ten. If only they sold each book at 100 yen. I want to buy~~~

Went back to the library for blog updating after going to 007. Then went back at 6:00pm. The train was at 6:14pm, and reached my station at 6:40pm. Realised on the train that I had not taken a single photo this day.

I figured it was still early so I cycled a bit further from where I have been to. Passed by a pastry shop. D would go in, but I feel so paiseh to go and not buy anything.


Reached one of the drugstores that I have been wanting to go. I had nothing to buy but just wanted to go in for a look.


It was a huge shop selling everything! But their cosmetics section was really big and they had every lovely shade of colour. Good thing I’m not that good at make-uping or I would be buying lots of them.

Took some lovely brochures back.


I didn’t want to leave the shop without buying anything so in the end I got a box of bath soaking stuff. 20 for 399 yen. It has lavendar, rosemary, chamomile and orange. I tried lavendar at bath time and the water was a lovely purple.

More drugstores on the way back



Tried taking a photo of myself while cycling. Dangerous!


Got back at 7:10pm. Okaasan gave me an orange jelly which was very cool (as in temperature) Ate grilled fish, maguro sashimi and red miso soup.

The Japanese eat whole fish by eating first the upper part, then taking out the bones using chop sticks and eatingthe back part. I managed to remove the bones nicely. Yeah, one point for me.

I had sms-ed mom online when I was using the comp. She called at 9:30pm and we talked for 12 minutes. She reminded me that I only have 2 weeks in homestay. I shall miss my holidays.

Oh, today was the start of module bidding. I had absolutely no idea until YT mentioned it. Yikes! There was no module class for the level 4000 modules, but all of them sound really really boring. I’m yawning already. Is it too late for me to change major?!

Bath time was lavendar bath soaking thing. It’s a round shaped individually foiled thingy which you put into the bath water. Then it would bubble.

Having purple water is more interesting than plain water.

Mag I bought yesterday. <non-no> it’s actually quite good, and cheaper than my usual <MINA>. Large hairtying thingies are in vogue now. cool, something retro.


On the cover is Miho, who inspired me to get my bob back then.

July 27, Sunday- Lavendar Bus Tour

Pre: Writing in my room as usual. Room is hot because I don’t feel like switching on the air conditioner too early. So always write in a stuffy room, only today there is a light lavendar smell coming from my bunch of lavendar which I hope will turn into nice dried flowers.


Nago the king cat has taken his throne next to my pillow. shoo!


This morning, woke at 6:45am because we’re supposed to gather at the train station for the bus tour at 8:20am. Okaasan is not going so it’s just K and me. Wawa called to say she’ll meet me at Lawson, in a very serious voice. Or is it coz she just woke up?

Went to a JR station nearby. Caught the 7:21am train. First time taking a Japan Railway train. The seats are not like my usual train seats, but really comfy sofa-like seats. Probably because the train goes very far.

Arrived at Hakata station before 8am. Found Lawson convenience store where we’re supposed to meet for the tour.

Waited anxiously for wawa and I saw her tudong at 8:20am. Just in time. She had gone out from the wrong exit. She’s here anyway!

Our bus is a purple bus, matching our theme: Lavendar tour


Our tour group is full of old people. Our breakfast was a buttermilk flavoured bread and a tiny box of reconstituted orange juice. I liked the juice.


We stopped at a rest stop where four other aunties and others joined us. The three of us seem to have taken the aunties’ seats, but it’s the same anyway for them to take our row of seat.

I think the aunties are from kampungs coz they talk loud and act unlike poliute city people. One even said out loud, “Indonesian.” when she saw Wawa. Hello?! Can’t you say Muslim? ok, she probably can’t.

I corrected her, saying, “No, Malaysian.” I probably said it with one less particle, making me seem like a rude young woman looking for a fight.

Truck painted gold at rest stop


The journey was long and I fell asleep with my mouth wide open.

FIrst stop was blueberry village, where we have all-you-can-eat blueberries for 30 minutes. It’s quite fun plucking berries and eating a handful at one go. But it was so very sunny and blueberries weren’t as addictive as strawberries.

Small blueberry trees had ripe blueberries hanging. Ripe blueberries are dark purple and have a white frost like layer on the skin.



After blueberry, it was peach eating. Peach sampling was in a peach orchard in the middle of nowehere. Ripe peaches hung on the tree looking like baby cheeks.
<=[will include it once i get photos from wawa]

There were two goats in the peach garden. One a baby goat which ate peaches that were lying around. One I call Billy which has a beard
<=[will include it once i get photos from wawa]

And of course, we’ve spotted another cute guy in the peach orchard. He was showing his girlfriend a dung beetle he caught. Wawa used me as a decoy to take a photo of him.
<=[will include it once i get photos from wawa]

And of we went to the beer factory. We didn’t exactly get to see people packing beer, because it was Sunday. The employees there wore uniforms.


We were shown a film about the beer company. SAPPORO beer. And then taken on a tour on a floow above the packing area and we were behind glass. We couldn’t take photos. And our guide was standing right behind me when there was a good view of the beer packing factory.




After the tour, everyone had the chance to try out their beer. Those who can’t drink beer have a choice of cold tea and cold apple juice. Even the glasses are frosted. I had half a glass of beer and confirmed that I do not like the taste of beer. Give me tea anyday!



View from beer bar


Cute bus next to ours


Then it was off for lunch. We had black pork, soba and rice. Wawa gave her pork to K. I loved the hot tea that came with lunch. I love tea.

A bit of photo taking and off we went to another rest stop. Here, there was a mountain with smoke, which wawa and I mistook as Mount Aso, but is actually some random fake volcano.


Then it was the main attraction, the lavendar fields. The field of lavendar wasn’t really really big but it was enough. Most were on a small hill. The air had a faint smell, not like the fake lavendar smell that toilet detergent has.







The place had a sign saying, 50 stalks for 100 yen. So cheap!!! After photos, Wawa and I asked the tour guide about the flower thing. We paid at the counter and were given a pair of scissors. And we were shown the area where we could snip lavendar.



There were a lot of dragonflies and bees around. We weren’t stung. And had a fun ime sniping lavendar. It was hard trying to keep count how many stalks we had sniped. When it was about time, we went back to the shop where the lady wrapped our flowers in newspaper.

Fresh lavendar when crushed has a plant-like minty smell. The flowers look like a wheat plant. They aren’t as high as wheat, only about 25cm.

Our last stop was a bridge that is built over a valley. Rain were dropping in plops when we left lavendar land. The valley looked wonderful from the bus, but when we got there, it was raining really really heavily.

In the end, the majority wanted to skip the bridge and go back. K looked very disappointed about that. Next time then.

We reached Hakata station a bit after 7pm. I bought a magazine at the station <Non-no>. My first Japanese language magazine at 450 yen.

Taking the JR train back was confusing because there are so many lines and so many different trains going to different directions. We managed to catch one and were lucky to have seats too.

Cool looking train


Then okaasan went to the station to fetch us.

Oh, got a call from Jee Yen at 9pm. Was very very surprised to hear from her. Our chat aws 10 minutes because my mom said 10 minutes calling to Japan is cheap.

Very glad to hear from someone so far away. Keep safe!


July 26, Saturday Omatsuri

Okaasan brought Meri to the vet again. She came home with Meri yesterday with glucose dripping thing for. Meri could stay in the hospital but okaasan said it’s too sad for the dog.

Before lunch, I went to the supermarket with okaasan. It was very very sunny and there were a lot of people at the supermarket. We bought three boxes of sushi home.

When we got home, Meri’s glucose machine was making weird sounds. Later, okaasan and otousan brought Meri to the vet again.

When they came back, okaasan confirmed that she will not be able to go to the bus tour tomorrow because of Meri. I had hinted before that Wawa will be able to go, probably, because her host mom has gone to Tokyo for the weekend.

Okaasan called up Wawa’s host dad. He wasn’t exactly the friendliest guy. I later found out that he’s really old and has hearing problems.

At 2:45pm, okaasan took me to the nearby DAISO and I got some hair accessories to go with my yukata. I caught the 3:01pm train and arrived at the destination a bit too early. But there was a free newsletterr to read so it wasn’t too bad.

Moe came and we went to her place after Wawa’s train arrived.

Moe lives in a single room apartment. Like what we see on TV and in comics. It’s nice to have something like that in Singapore, but the government are more practical by building high rise HDBs that can squeeze in a lot of people.

Toma in one of wawa’s mag. faint, so cute



We started dressing in yukata after Sakiko came. It was not easy. You have to hold up the yukata, tie it with two strings before you proceed to the obi.

It took us a trail before we got something suitable.


Then it was festival time. THe sun was still out when we were there. I saw miko!! Seems like they are volunteers for the event. I want to wear their outfit!!

Moe helped to ask one of them for a photo. Thanks!!


Photo of Wawa, me and Moe


There were lots of stalls at the matsuri. And lots of good looking guys around. It seems like there are more good looking guys in Japan than in anywhere else I’ve been in. Or is it because my taste has gone weird? hmm

Anyway, it was a chance for Sakiko and Moe to revise their vocabulary on describing guys. And for us to learn something too. Turns out, our version of cute/ hot can be called “soft macho” in Japanese. Hmm.. it does sound a bit 18SX, doesn’t it? Ha ha.

The only thing that I ate at the festival was a big cup of shaved ice with green tea flavoring, selling at 100 yen. Yes, I’m stingy, but the weather also made my appetite really little.

We got back to Moe’s place around 8:50pm, and it took some time for us to get the yukata off too. I found out that I had dripped my green shaved ice on some parts of my yukata. Yikes, have to get it to a laundry mart then. Later, I washed it off using hand soap, but I still need to bring it to a cleaner’s.

Sakiko received a phone call from Wawa’s host mom. Wow! It’s almost 9pm. So we went back home.

That’s about the end of the day.

Friday July 25, 2008 Folk museum

 It’s Friday! The end of the week.

Read the day’s Japanese lesson and did homework on the train. Japanese lesson was only text reading, we’ll learn grammar points next week.

For lunch, I had beef udon. I like noodles! Took photos of posters. It’s good to be able to be a tourist and ignore stuff.

Poster of kat-tun




After class, brought Wawa to the library to look at <the tale of Genji> exhibition. They have the original drawing of Hikaru Genji and they also have a part where they stuck photos of popular guys onto the face of Hikaru Genji.

M joined us to the Folks Culture Museum. So with Naomi, Wawa and I, we went to the nearest subway station. I was going to buy today’s one day subway pass, 500 yen because Friday is eco day. But the old man at the station told me they were all sold out. What the freak! Why have one day pass when they will be sold out. Don’t you want people to use the public transport?

FINE! I’ll use my regular ticket. We reached Gion quite fast. The other three girls were cycling from school to Gion to meet us. THe four of us bought ice cream because the weather was so so hot. My ice cream was melting at a speed I’ve never seen in Malaysia. Later I read that the day’s temperature reached 36.5 celcius degree.


The Hakata folk culture not-museum was small but they had fun stuff there.



Hakata is the old name for Fukuoka. The name is still used as a name of a train station and of a district.

A model of a parade for luck



Fake cardboard wig. Sakiko is a good actress.


Old telephones to learn the Hakata dialect.


Model of old granny at a shop





Old bento cases


Ice grinder, just like the ones we have


There was a large moel of a golden frog at the basement where the loo is




Water pump



Then we went seperate ways. Naomi, M and I went to Tenjin. N, coz her bus leaves from Tenjin to her home. M, who plans to buy headphones. While I have nothing to do.

We took the 100 yen (YES!) bus from Gion to Tenjin. I love cheap transportation.

N took us to Tenjin Core, a place where GALS hang out. Gals are girls who dye their hair gold, get really dark tan and have heavy eyeliner. They probrably have this everywhere in Tokyo, but it’s rare in Fukuoka. At Tenjin Core, we went to the 8th floor where they have Gothic and Lolita fashion.

These type of fashion have heavy lace and look more like clothes to drees up a doll than human. But people still wear them. There was a goth yukata, with lace and was all black. But it was a tiny size.

Then we went to a second hand clothes store with (relatively) cheap clothes. I saw this sign at the shop.


Later, M went back for dinner. And N brought me to a shop with all sorts of cute stuff. When she left for her bus. I went to UNIQLO to see what I can buy. I tried out something and was given a face cover. It looks like this when you put it on so your make up won’t be rubbed on the clothes


I ate at McDonald’s coz I told okaasan that we would be having dinner outside. It always like this for me, whenever I say I’ll be eating outside, I usually end up eating by myself. I saw that the McDonalds was selling McD card for 500yen. I bought one at the machine and used it to pay for my dinner. I thought I could keep it as a souvenir but the cashier took my card away.


The McD that I went to was a smoking area. What! They don’t smoke outdoors but turn to McD to smoke??!

Night scene at Tenjin



Yatai, specialty of Fukuoka. Stalls set up at night. Seems like girls do not go to yatai to eat alone. Hmmm


I then took the 8:57pm bus to the train station. The train back was at 9:20pm, but I reached before 10pm. THe journey’s very short when it doesn’t stop too long at other stations.

When I got back, okaasan was teary. Turns out Meri the granma dog only have 50-50 chance to survive. Hmmm

Watched <Maou>.

July 24 Travel plans

Another so so day. I’ll try not to think of it that way.

Woke up at a bit pass 6am, read in bed until it was time to go down. Before that, I stuffed the things I need into my bag.

Breakfast was toast, cucumber, corn soup and apples. I ate the cucumbers first because I leave things I like for the end. Cucumber made me fuller than I should be.

Off I went on the bicycle. The 8:31am train passed while I was going to park my bike. Nevermind, coz I aim for the 8:40am train which has less passengers. A whole bunch of korean youths boarded the train on one of the stops.

Today’s Japanese teacher was a new teacher. I had more confidence now so I did manage some sort of conversation with the teacher. Ha ha.

Lunch was with Naomi, Moe and Wawa. I didn’t have the set today but choose fish, eggplant and potato salad with SS-sized rice. Here, rice is divided into L, M, S and SS. Ha ha

For today’s pop culture class, the prof showed a powerpoint slide with explicit screenshots of . And he told us his unfullfilled love story. He reminds me of one of the prof I had in China, who kept telling us his life experience. Sir, sorry to say, but we’re here to learn stuff, not for stories. But please don’t fail me!

And the prof made a mistake when he said Akira Kurosawa invented the flashback in movies. (Or something like that) Rashomon was adapted from a short story, I would credit the writer instead of the director. No wonder there are scriptwriter strikes.

After class I went with HPM to the library to discuss about our after ATW travel plans. THere was a timetable in the library but there weren’t any guidebooks for Japan. Naze??

My plan is to go to Beppu on Saturday and take the cruise ship to Osaka in the evening. I’ve asked okaasan about the cruise and she said that the normal ticket where everyone share the floor (futon provided) is enough.

She said when she was working in Beppu (her hometown). She used to take the ship to Osaka in the evening, reach there in the day, sightsee and return in the evening. And she would arrive just in time for work. Cool.

Back to the journal. After discussion, I went down for internet. Naomi was there. She then told me that we could go out tomorrow. Yeah! Group outing with Moe, Sayaka, (prob) Wawa and Sakiko.

I took the 6:04pm train back and reached around 6:30pm. I cycled to the second hand bookstore to find it closed. Ah! It has moved. Wei!!! I have a coupon, where can I use it??!

After getting back, okaasan fed me iced coffee and sakura flavoured rice cakes with beanpaste filling. Then we took the dogs on a short walk. Granma Meri was left at home. She is having a bad time, she keeps vomiting. Poor thing.

Today is thursday and the day K has his tuition teacher come to the house. I usually stay downstairs to wait till he leaves. It seems more polite. But I usually wave him goodbye in the house. It didn’t seem proper for me to send him off at the door. Plus, the genkan isn’t too big.

It was a bit before 11pm when he left. Now it’s 11:32pm. Sleepy~~

No interesting photos for today.

Wed, July 23 2008: Tenjin sushi

It’s already the middle of the week. Oh my, how time flies. Soon it would be the end of the week and I would have finished my fourth week in Japan.

For breakfast, it was french toast and yogurt. For coffee, it was a different stronger bean so okaasan told me to make it into cafe au lait. It was good, not like the watery cafe au lait I made with the other coffee.

After breakfast, I finally stopped my beating around the bush thing and asked okaasan directly if mom could call the home. She said, of course and anytime’s fine. Ohhh… I should have asked about this earlier.

And again, I cycled to the station. At the station, I did some homework and some more on the train. Then it reached the school’s station.

For today’s Japanese class, we had to write an essay (very very short) about a famous person in our country’s history. Well, Malaysia’s history isn’t too long. And I don’t know much about the famous people we had. In the end I chose to write Hang Tuah. It was a very lame essay but I handed it in anyway.

For lunch, I had a small stick of cheese cake and 500ml of milk. Later, I will be going to Tenjin for sushi so I’m saving my stomach for that.

In popular culture class, we watched a short film called “Armchair Theory”. It is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen in a long long time. And it’s a great short film about nine ways to get a girl in Japan. The professor wanted us to see how they use self orientalism and how Japanese humour worked.

The film first tells us how to get a girl in nine steps. There is a white anchorwoman telling us the steps and showing videos on how they should be done. First step is to follow the girl and know her daily routine. Then stage coincidences to make her believe that the both of you are fated for each other. One of the step here is to pick up her falling subway pass and return it to her with a beautiful smile. Remember to bleach your teeth before that.

I only vaguely remember the steps until here. Here’s the youtube link.

After class, I went to Tenjin with HY, PY and MC and Wawa. TOday’s HY’s bday and they’re going to a sushi shop their teacher recommended in Tenjin. Wawa and I took the subway. She was devastated to see all the ARASHI posters gone. Well, at least we’ve taken their pictures.

At the underground street, there are lots of beauty product shops. Each stacked with loads of products that I wish I can buy.


I misguided everyone to the wrong direction because I had misremembered where Solaris Plaza is. The sushi shop was hidden in the basement of Solaria Plaza. We couldn’t find it but a very nice sales person who was probably on toilet break took us all the way from her shop to the sushi shop. Thanks!!!

It wasn’t very cheap, probably coz it’s in Tenjin where rent is high. But all the food was fresh and stuff that I had was tasty.

I find raw seafood fascinating. It should be repulsing but it just tastes too good to not eat them.





Then Wawa and I went to BIC CAMERA together while the other three went their own ways. At BIC Camera, we found out that Polaroid’s digital camera was selling at 9,800 yen. Wawa took a long time inner debating whether to buy the camera or not.

The salespeople there were not very helpful. One guy with limited English did help us. I guess he’s sort of an upper employee there. But he couldn’t figure out how to change the camera’s language to English. It was Wawa who found the button to do that. And with English settings, she was more confirmed that she will get the camera.

She debated whether to get the slimer, 3,000 yen more camera or the one on offer. Then we saw that they were going to have an offer for the slimmer phone on Friday but they’re selling the horrid hot pink then. The silver was on offer on Sunday, but we think it’d be sold out by the time she went to the store. There’s only ten sets on offer.

In the end, Wawa bought the non-slim version. She bought rechargeable batts and a memory card. All that cost less than the original price we saw last week. What luck!

We were looking at the memory card and discussing quite loudly. Then suddenly, a person stood right next to us. We shifted a bit to the left but the person was still there. It was annoying. While we were choosing, the person also pointed at what we were choosing. oi! But then Wawa realised that it was C from school and we had a good laugh. Lots of others were also there. WHat coincidence.

After buying the camera,  we went to buy DVD-Rs so we can burn stuff. Wawa saw two really cheap DVD-RWs for her video cam. It was priced 150 yen. When we got to the cashier, we wanted him to add the purchase into our point card. He didn’t know much Japanese and my vocab is at a very lousy label. He told us our total was something cheaper that what it shuold be. We thought he had deducted the price with points and were frustrated. It took us about 5 minutes to finalize our purchase. Then we realised that it wasn’t his fault but it was the price of the DVD-RWs. It was 70 yen on the receipt. Ha ha ha

Wawa and I went back before the others so we can get home before it gets dark. The ride back home feels a lot quicker than going to school.

When I reached my station, it was not yet 7pm. So I rode off to a supermarket to see what I could buy. I was going to buy the same sunblock but I found Johnson’s sunblock lotion, something I had in mind but thought was too expensive. I’ve convinced myself that 599 yen is not exp for it.

1. It’s 100ml, twice the amount of the 50ml Sunbear.
2. It’s texture is smooth and one drop can spread far.
3. Even though the SPF is low (SPF15), PA is high at PA+++. Plus I reapply in class so it’s ok.

So I’ve convinced myself to buy Johnson’s Baby Lotion UV care.


And also DHC’s olive virgin oil. It was selling at 1,008 yen and I convinced myself that DHC for RM30 is not expensive. How I love Japan!!!


I got home at 7:10pm. I met okaasan who was walking the dogs when I was on my way back. For dinner, we had stew made from instant roux. It was creamy and yummy. Will probably buy the instant roux. :D

Then mom called at 10pm. It was funny that we didn’t have much to say when we did vave the chance to talk. Ha ha. But it was great hearing the other aunties’ voices and their concern whether I’ve hooked myself a boyfriend or not. No aunties, I still have not. ha ha ha.

Well, I’ll get going and write the entry on Hiroshima.