University education

I’ve never really packed my luggage before going to university. I used to count how many days I will be in a place and throw the same number of clothes. I even have to sit on my suitcase for it to zip.

But university education has fullfiled my life. Now I can pack in less than two hours for a seven week trip! Yes, taking classes in university has taught me that it doesn’t matter how carefully you’ve prepared packing — You’ll still forget something.

So don’t worry about the small stuff. Just throw what you can remember into your luggage. And of course, get a suitcase that’s large enough to store everything without you sitting on it.

-Seriously though, I’ve learned more about throwing (letting go, as some would say) than packing.

Updates: Peer tutor and fellow participant

I’ve received an email from my peer tutor in Kyudai. It went into my spam box, probably because the email address has numbers so it looked suspicious to the very stupid gmail algo.

My p/t is N-chan who’s majoring in American and English Lit. (Cool!) She likes movies and dramas (me too, except I’m more nerdy and like manga too) And she likes to search for nice cafes. (I would like that too if I weren’t this stingy)

And I’ve emailed another ATW participant who’s also on the same flight as I am. (Yipee!) And she has a friend who’s going too. Smart birds fly in a flock (on cheap air tix).