from Changi airport

As Confucious (or some other old chinese guy) was quoted, “A thousand mile’s travel starts with the first step.” I have stepped in to Changi Airport and my journey begins.

Yesterday, I collected my JR pass, insurance and misc cards. Rushed to International Relations Office to get the insurance endorsed but was told to go to Japanese Studies. Ran with N to JS office but lady there said no need. It was a good exercise.

Went to Suntec to buy travellers’ cheque but was told no DBS in Singapore has Japanese yen t/ cheques. What!! then why on earth did they write on their site that they sell them??? In the end, changed some cash and decided to withdraw using ATM card there.

What else happened. Oh, dinner at my uncle’s. Let’s skip that.

This morning, was fine too. Weather looks ok. everything will be alright!

See you in the next post!


To J and N, signed up for chatterbox but don’t know how to stick it in the blog!

instant update

reached SG yesterday.

Bought these stuff at STA Travel in Science co-op (grouchy lady)
– Insurance $120
– Youth hostel card
– International student card
– JR Rail pass. -had to pay extra $20 express fees because normally get the pass after three working days. sheesh

a total of $551.

have to buy travelers cheque today and get money exchanged

University education

I’ve never really packed my luggage before going to university. I used to count how many days I will be in a place and throw the same number of clothes. I even have to sit on my suitcase for it to zip.

But university education has fullfiled my life. Now I can pack in less than two hours for a seven week trip! Yes, taking classes in university has taught me that it doesn’t matter how carefully you’ve prepared packing — You’ll still forget something.

So don’t worry about the small stuff. Just throw what you can remember into your luggage. And of course, get a suitcase that’s large enough to store everything without you sitting on it.

-Seriously though, I’ve learned more about throwing (letting go, as some would say) than packing.

Updates: Peer tutor and fellow participant

I’ve received an email from my peer tutor in Kyudai. It went into my spam box, probably because the email address has numbers so it looked suspicious to the very stupid gmail algo.

My p/t is N-chan who’s majoring in American and English Lit. (Cool!) She likes movies and dramas (me too, except I’m more nerdy and like manga too) And she likes to search for nice cafes. (I would like that too if I weren’t this stingy)

And I’ve emailed another ATW participant who’s also on the same flight as I am. (Yipee!) And she has a friend who’s going too. Smart birds fly in a flock (on cheap air tix).

Ferry that’s not just a ferry

New travel plans people! I borrowed a guide book that recommends taking the ferry as transportation.

That way, I can save on the expensive bullet train and also a night’s accommodation.

My plan now is to go from Fukuoka to Beppu (hot spring town) during the day, and take the night ferry to Osaka.

And perhaps, I can even ride the ferry to Hokkaido for lavenders!

I have to travel faaaaaar

One of my dream bubble has burst. I dream of walking to school with the wind in my hair, smelling the ocean air and not sweating at all.

The dream has come crashing down when I found out from Google Earth that I will be staying very far from Kyushu University during my home stay. And that’s six weeks of squeezing in the train and running to school breathless and sweaty. It will take 30 minutes from home stay to school.


No wonder my accommodation rate was in the lower bracket. Faint.

Daimaou has interfered again.

However, a very good excuse for me to loiter about after school. Good good

Bad bad. Even the subway lines don’t reach there. I’ll have to take JR trains?


Mom says, at least I live near the sea. Yeah… sea breeze


I admit that I’m superstitious. I’m the kind who wears read to important exams, who eats (in this order) a hotdog and two eggs on exam days (so I can get 100), who plans the week according to the horoscope, and who does online tarot readings (because physical reading is such a hassle).

And I was very delighted to find that Taurus should go on an overseas trip, according to the year 2008 horoscope of a magazine. Yipee!


Are you superstitious?

I will miss my Ubuntu

I tried out Ubuntu 6.01 during February while I was home for the Chinese New Year holidays. It was exciting seeing a brand new desktop but I couldn’t access my other MS folders so it was useless. Plus, I had to catch a plane an hour later. So it didn’t really worked out.

When I was going to get a new laptop, I had considered getting a Dell with Ubuntu. Apart from satisfying the inner show off in me, I wouldn’t have to use Vista (which was having a bad reputation). But, in the end, the local Dell didn’t carry Ubuntu laptops so I got a cheap Acer during the computer fair.

I wanted to get a decided to give Ubuntu another try when I came back in May. I burned the latest version of it and the CDs didn’t work. It turned out to be my fault as I didn’t burn it in the right format.

I’ve been using Ubuntu for about a month and a half. I like it a lot more than Windows because my downloads are a lot faster with Ubuntu and bugs and virus won’t infect my system.

Come to think of it, the only reason I want to use Ubuntu is because there’ll be very little virus if I download using bittorent. Ha ha. Perhaps, in the end, it’s actually I’ll miss my bt downloads


Nice interface. The buttons on the top and right bars are shortcuts. Ubuntu has lots of free games loaded. I like blackjack