Youthful youth sleeps at 11pm

Random entry of the week:

I give up! It’s 10.30pm and I’m starting to feel sleepy.

Youth, priceless

A Japan Rail Pass costs ¥ 28,300. That’s about S$ 371.94 for a 7-(consecutive)-day ticket. Very expensive. It makes me bleed inside thinking about that amount of money.

But I’ve discovered another type of train ticket available during my stay in Japan! Seishun 18 Ticket (青春18きっぷ) for those who read Chinese, yes it’s the Youthful 18 Ticket (pardon my bad translation). It costs only ¥ 11,500 for 5 days. Even with bad math you can see it costs only half of a rail pass.

And that’s absolutely BRILLIANT! I wouldn’t need seven days of train ride! And I’m so youthful, I don’t mind sleeping on a train.

But, a 2-hour train from Fukuoka to Kobe will take 12 hours (with 5 transfers).

Hmm… This youthful youth will consider seriously.

Will be going to the Japanese consulate tomorrow to ask about extending my stay in Japan.