Tokyo Trip


The card represents the critical factor for the issue at hand. Five of Wands (Strife), when reversed: Pointless struggles motivated by the vain pursuit of recognition, financial reward, or base desires. Disunity, chaos, and petty quarreling at a time of crisis. A stressful situation that brings out the worst in the participants.

I’m having a dilemma of either going to Tokyo for 3 days or not going to Tokyo.

I’ve always loved big cities and I keep telling everyone that going to Japan and not going to Tokyo is like going to France and not going to Paris; going to England and not to London. It makes no sense!

But now I think, going to Tokyo for only 3 days means I will have to rush around. It means that I will not be able to enjoy Tokyo as much as I should.

And now tarot tells me “A stressful situation that brings out the worst in the participants.” I don’t want to lose my temper in front of my kind host because of my own bad planning.

WiIl think for one more day before confirming.