no JP tour for me


(Why doesn’t xanga have a tear-faced emoticon? )

AHHHH!!! I went to travel agent #1 yesterday and they told me the same thing travel agent #2- #5 told me. “The airtix is only 21 days.”

AAAAHHHH!!! Sad, but N tells me to go solo because I will save a lot more than if I join the tour and buy another tix back.

True true

Air tix buying

Tickets to Fukuoka are troublesome, because there is only one direct flight from SIN to FUK. Singapore Airlines is selling their tickets at S$1454 (only S$200 less than going on the tour *sob face*)

So I searched online for cheap airfares. Cheap ones are mostly for 21 days tickets. Why are the return tickets separated into 3 weeks, one month and one year? That’s really little choice.

I found that Misa Travel has China Eastern Airlines tickets at $500 ($934 after tax ^_^) I will have to transfer at Shanghai Pudong airport. Mom asked if I could stay in Shanghai before going to Fukuoka. Now I think that’s a good idea, I can buy cheap books! And if my sister and I can meet there, it’ll be even cooler.

JAL is selling tix at $860 (without tax). I do want to go on a JAL plane after watching the Japanese drama <Attention Please>, and the review of the services on JAL is all praises.

The thing about my return trip. I don’t have on campus accommodation and if I come back on a weekend, there’s no where to beg for a room either.

But as I like to say, “Something will happen.” (Adapted from a Chinese proverb about boats)