This strange niece

Met two aunts for lunch today. Aunt 1 had told Aunt 2 that I will be going to Japan. I sense that Aunt 2 isn’t too happy for me.

Aunt 2 asked, “So you pay for the plane tickets?”
I said, “Actually, I pay for everything.”
Then Aunt 2 gave this “I can’t believe this” laugh. I imagine she thinks I’m a girl who likes to waste money going overseas, six weeks some more!

Well, I’m not asking her to sponsor me. I can go if I wish to.

Then went to uncle’s place. Uncle is aunt 2’s husband and they are my kindly 3-year bond sponsors.

I told uncle about Japan. He nodded and asked, “So you’re taking Japanese now?”
I said, “No.”
He asked (surprised), “Then why are you going to Japan?”
“Well, I’ve taken Japanese before and I want to see the world.”
He asked, “Your French?”
“Level four.”
“Can you read documents?”
“I can’t really read the papers but no problem with comics.”
“At least…”

I wonder what they would say if I went to France for immersion. France is on the other side of the world and the plane tix (wait a minute, plane tix is about the same as to Japan, actually.)

I’m probably a selfish girl, who doesn’t know the value of money, in their eyes. But, but, I’ve been Girl-on-a-Budget for so long!!!

I believe I deserve to go and I’ll make it come true!

PS (probably) going to Japan

Found out today that PS has been offered an internship at Hiroshima. It’s a 3 week internship and there’s less than ten vacancies. Before knowing that she’s offered the internship, she said Japanese Studies majors are given priority and it was quite late when she applied.

What a pleasant surprise, even though we’re going at different periods. But it’s great to know that someone else gets to go to Japan too.

Baby crying contest

Interesting festival


Took a break from updating yesterday. It’s my birthday after all


Yesterday in Tokyo’s Sensoji, they had their annual baby crying contest. Parents bring their babies to the temple. Sumo students would carry the babies and try to make them (the babies) cry. The louder you cry, the healthier you are.

I read that the tradition started waay back when babies didn’t survive that easily. Weak babies didn’t cry that much while healthy babies kicked and screamed. So it’s good to give your kid a scare so that it’ll grow up healthy.


Good series to prepare for Japan



<Eibun Nihon etoki jiten> publisher: Japan Travel Bureau

The series of book above are illustrated books about Japan. There are available in Sabah libraries and I found them in the school library last week.

They are easy to read and the illustrations help with the reading. They are very informative.

If you want to know more about Japan, this series is a good start!

adding to Must Do in Japan:
Visit Shinto shrine

Ten Nights of Dreams

Weird coincidences led me to 2006 movie Ten Nights of Dreams

The original story is by Natsume Soseki. I first read the translations of Ten Nights of Dream in year 1 when I took Introduction to Japanese Studies. It comprises of ten different stories, all of them bizarre and I have yet to solve them.

Ok, the reason I’m watching the movie is because of Kenichi Matsuyama. I was watching another drama and found him very cute! (I have a limited vocabulary when it comes to describing guys) Then I found out he’s L from the Death Note movies. Wow, such a long time since I’ve been catching up with my J-entertainment news.

Anyway, the library has a recording of Ten Nights of Dreams. I might borrow it one day to brush up my Japanese.

Currently in Japanese drama mood.

Update on summer programme

Mom suggested that I join a tour group to Tokyo. Then I join the group for seven days of fun and when they leave for Singapore, I leave for Fukuoka.

It’s a lot cheaper than backpacking in Tokyo if I do this. The plane tix are already exp and the accommodation cost is very high too.

Plus, I can go to Disneyland if I join the tour group. Will consider it.

I’ve faxed my passport details to Kyushu’s person in charge. Quickly get the visa and everything will be confirmed.

Met with U today at D’s. Learned something about the Japanese from her. I will be a brave traveler!

Not in room day

Today was a day of break from studies, for official reasons.


Went to SCWO to take photos of the place and bought two non-study-non-travel book.

Then went to Bras Basah to see if they have cheap travel guides. Japan isn’t the most popular destination for these second hand book sellers. I found three and all of them are at least 10 years old. Hmm… And they cost at least S$15. SCWO’s thrift shop has spoiled me, second hand books should cost only $5 max!! and that’s hardcover.

You know what I got from Bras Basah in the end? Harry Potter. Ha, the french children’s version. $5.


 These are worth the money because you never know when you can find one.

Received email from Kyudai to fax my passport to them. That’s going to cost money. sigh sigh

also disappointed that NUS wants to charge me for summer programme module mapping .Shame on you!