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#YQrtw recap: Apr 26 Jordan - YQtravelling

#YQrtw recap: Apr 26 Jordan

I’m recapping my round-the-world trip from 2013 with a photo and memory from each day of the trip. The two might be totally different events or things.

This post doesn’t have anything to do with the actual location Jordan. You can read the blog post from 2013 for that. This is a story about the difficulties of dating. Sigh.

yqrtw 0426

The first time I heard about Jordan was from a lecherous date. It wasn’t until I was telling the story of the date for the 11th time that someone pointed out that he was lecherous and was being suggestive. I previously thought he just talked weird.

It was 2012 when I was in my binge dating period. You know the period when you feel like you’ve not been dating enough so you go out a lot. Then you get burnt out from the low quality dates that you just give up. Two months later, you repeat the cycle. Wait, you mean no one does that? It’s just me? Nevermind then.

It was a Friday night and I wanted to go to the Singapore Art Museum because it was free only at that timing. On a dating site, I asked if anyone would like to go to the museum. One person replied and he didn’t look like a serial killer. So I thought, “Yay, someone to go to a museum with.

I ended up working overtime so I asked him to wait. Eventually, when i was done, I reached SAM and didn’t see the guy. I texted him and turns out he went to the National Museum of Singapore instead. He even said, “What, you mean there’s more than one museum in Singapore?” That was quite a bummer.

Eventually he found the place so we went to the exhibits. He didn’t seem interested in the art. That was disappointing because I love museums. I would like to date someone who knows his art or is equally interested in making up captions for exhibits.

Eventually we went for dinner. The usual small talk and I told him I was a journalist. He asked, “Woah, what kind of journalist? Is it the type who write ‘8 Great Ways to Have Sex’?”

I stared at him. What? I was offended but brushed him off and said, “No, I write about enterprise technology.”

Halfway through dinner, he said, “You know, not a lot of Malaysian girls do this.”

I was puzzled. Does he mean Malaysian girls do not go on dating app? I probably should have asked him but I didn’t.

The conversation didn’t go anywhere much. He was on his phone texting most of the time. At the end, I insisted on paying for my share–something I usually do because I don’t subscribe to your archaic conventions. (Remind me to rant about why I find the comment, “But he paid for dinner” insulting for both genders. #thisiswhyimsingle)

I was having a bad cough that night so I told him I couldn’t do drink. He insisted on sending me home so I said yes. (OK, I subscribe to your archaic convetions sometimes. I can take the public transport perfectly well.)

During the drive, I made small talk. When we were close to where I was staying, I ended up with my last-resort small talk topic, “So, where’s a place that you’ve to that you recommend everyone go?”

He said, “Jordan. The men and women there are very beautiful.” He took his eyes off the road and looked at me, “Don’t wet yourself when you’re there.”

I blinked. Not sure if it was a joke or something else (it was something else). When my block arrived, I said, “Thanks!” and jumped out of that car.

So that, my friend was how I first knew about Jordan.



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