Good news everybody! My travel guide “Your Big Break: The Guide to Leaving Your Job to Travel the World and Back” is now available in e-book format (mobi, EPUB, PDF).

The book is a step-by-step guide to show you how you can quit your job to travel around the world and come back to another job. (Yeah, not everyone can travel indefinitely.)

You can get the the digital version (S$29).

Why should you get the book?

How to quit your job to travel

Most 20-somethings do not put their careers on hold to pursue a dream. Are you one of them?

In my travel guide Your Big Break: Guide to Leaving Your Job to Travel the World and Back, I will show you how you can quit your job to travel and reenter the workforce having secured a better job (your dream job even).

The book teaches you how to tackle the common roadblocks, making it possible for you to achieve your dream of travelling around the world.

It guides step-by-step, from the dreaming stage to the start of your epic journey and finally rejoining the rat race workforce.

Why I’m publishing this book

With the help of my book, I know that Your Big Break can definitely happen. I know you can achieve it because I did just that. You can read all the entries recounting my 130 days of travel.

At 26, I left my job in the field of online media to travel around the world on my own for 130 days. I returned and found not only my dream job, but also a new passion.

To be honest, this journey will not be easy. But this book will guide you along the way by breaking down the entire process into small easy steps, so that you can do the same as I did.

Don’t press pause on your dreams. Make your dreams happen.

How to quit your job to travel



Part I Are you ready for your Big Break?

  • Is this the life you want?
  • 5 reasons to quit your job to travel around the world
  • 5 reasons not quit your job to travel around the world

Part II Clearing your roadblocks 

  • How badly do you want your Big Break to happen?
  • Money: Finding out how much you need
  • Story time: The moment I knew traveling around the world was possible
  • Family: Convincing your family to support you
  • Career: Boosting your career with a sabbatical
  • Language: Conquering the language barrier
  • Story time: Language faux pas
  • Fear: Your biggest enemy on this journey
  • Story time: Defining ‘loneliness’ for a solo introverted traveler
  • Should you travel solo or with a buddy?
  • Story time: Dubai for the broke

Part III Planning

  • Why you can’t immediately quit your job to travel
  • Dream big when you start planning
  • Planning your trip: Visa issues
  • Story time: My Egyptian visa horror story
  • Planning your trip: Planning your daily travel budget
  • Planning your trip: Plane tickets
  • Planning your trip: Transportation
  • Planning your trip: Travel insurance
  • Planning your trip: Immunizations
  • Planning your trip: Deciding what to bring
  • Story time: Murphy’s Law

Part IV On the road

  • Planning while on the move
  • Apps to simplify your travels
  • Money matters on the road
  • Debate: To work or not to work during your Big Break
  • Choosing accommodation
  • Story time: Chinese hostels in Europe
  • Staying safe on the road
  • Story time: Safety as a solo traveling woman
  • Keeping in touch when traveling
  • Story time: Picking up mail in Lima

Part V Coming back after your Big Break

  • What to do right after returning from your Big Break
  • Your search for a new career
  • Explaining travel in your resume
  • Remember to enjoy your time transiting from world-traveler to a full-timer
  • Go for the next dream
  • Story time: My biggest lesson during my Big Break

Part VI An end of a journey

Sample chapter

This is a sample chapter from the Pre-planning Stage chapter:

How to quit your job to travel the world

There’s a misconception that travelling requires a lot of money. Well, if you’ve only been on short trips for no longer than a month, the expenses do add up.

If you’re going on a long trip (as round-the-world trips usually are), the expenses will be divided over more days, so your spending per day is much lower.

In addition, it’s better to stay in some places for a longer period of time during a long trip because you will save on transportation expenses too.

How to decide how much you will spend for the trip

As soon as I concluded that travelling wasn’t expensive, I was determined to make it work.

To get an idea of how much you will spend, list down the cities or countries you want to visit. Then with the help of a guidebook, estimate how much it costs to stay in every city and country in your list for a day depending on your comfort level.

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