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Hello everybody! This coming Friday, I’ll be telling a story at Story Slam Singapore’s The Grand Slam at The Esplanade’s Recital Studio. I’d love for you to come! Get your ticket here.

Story Slam is where storytellers go on stage to tell a real-life story (without using notes, take that TEDx!). I got into the finals after telling a story about my round-the-world trip at Story Slam Singapore Slam #19.

While I was preparing for the finals, I listened to podcasts and watched videos from The Moth. There are a lot of stories that made me cry but I find myself remembering the funny ones best.

Maybe that’s why my story for The Grand Slam is lighthearted too. I prefer laughing over anything else at the end of the day. I’m also not sure if I could pull off other genre.

If you’re new to StorySlam, let me introduce some of the stories from The Moth that I like. They’re all from female storytellers, definitely a selection bias.

The Moth Presents Micaela Blei: Lego Crimes

I like Micaela Blei’s stories about the grade school kids she taught. I’ve never really thought that kids have stories, maybe because I passed my childhood too fast and haven’t hung around with enough of them.

The Moth Presents Wendy Spero: Stranger Bonding

Though not the best pacing, the WTF-ness of this story still makes me grin. Mostly because of my Fujoshi past. (Hey, I was young once, ok.)

The Moth Presents Lori Baird: G Marks The Spot

I like how Lori Baird couldn’t stop laughing halfway through her story. More that than anything else. LOL.

The Moth Presents Vikki Kelleher: Tell Him It’s OK To Go

An example by Vikki Kelleher about how comedy is tragedy plus time. Makes you want to hug your parents.

The Moth Presents Jenifer Hixson: Where There’s Smoke

Jenifer Hixon (senior producer at The Moth, no wonder) paints her story in vivid details: Sound, Action, Internal Thoughts.

Come support me at The Grand Slam

Story Slam Singapore The Grand Slam is happening on January 29 2016, 8 to 10pm at The Esplanade Recital Studios. I’d love to have your support! Get your ticket here.

Here’s the poster and bio for the show:

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