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Review: Starbucks Christmas Cookie Latte - YQtravelling
Starbucks Christmas Cookie Latte signboard

Review: Starbucks Christmas Cookie Latte

Christmas is coming! Starbucks Singapore released a new drink this season–the Christmas Cookie Latte.


According to Starbucks, the drink is:

An old fashioned tradition made new with fragrant steamed milk, rich espresso and buttery shortbread cookie sauce and cookie crumbles. The Starbucks Christmas Cookie Latte taste just like grandma made them. New and available together with your returning Christmas favorites.

Unfortunately, I never had a grandma who made Christmas Cookies for me so I couldn’t figure out what it tastes like. But the name has two of my favorite words “cookie” and “latte” so I thought I had to try it out.

Starbucks Christmas Cookie Latte signboard
Starbucks Christmas Cookie Latte signboard

I asked the barrista what sort of flavor is included in the drink. He helpfully said that it had Chistmas cookie flavored syrup and cookie crumble. I still have yet to figure out what Christmas Cookie tastes like.

I got a tall-sized Christmas Cookie Latte to go for a post-lunch caffeine shot. By the time I reached my office, the whipped cream deflated and the cookie crumbs sank to the bottom.

What it really looks like in a takeaway cup.
What it really looks like in a takeaway cup.

Taste-wise, the Christmas Cookie Latte tasted like the Toffee Nut Latte with bits of laofong cookie crumbs. It’s still a fun sugary drink but I’ll stick to Toffee Nut Latte this season.

Starbucks Singapore Christmas Promotion

Cheerful Starbucks Christmas cups.
Cheerful Starbucks Christmas cups.

From December 1 to 12, Starbucks Singapore will have their 12 Days of Gifting promotions. I always go for a cup or two during this time. The 1-for-1 drinks are good deals if you can get someone to share the other cup.

1-for-1 venti sized Christmas drinks promos are available on December 1 and 12. Jot that in your calendar!

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