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What is a sabbatical? And is it for you? - YQtravelling
what is a sabbatical

What is a sabbatical? And is it for you?

What is a sabbatical? And is it for your career break travel?

A sabbatical is a type of career break. It’s a period of paid leave given by a company.

Some companies have built-in sabbatical leave. It means that based on how many years you’ve worked there, they would let you go on paid leave.

If your company has such a system and you’ve fulfilled the period required, talk to your boss about it. Once they’ve agreed, they can refer you to human resource and start the formal application.

The best part about a sabbatical (apart from being paid to go on leave), is that you have a secure job to go back to.

However, most companies do not have such a system.

In this case, you can choose to negotiated for paid or unpaid leave. This strategy is best for those who want the security of a job after their career break.

In the case of paid leave, you might have to negotiate hard.

List down your accomplishments and prepare a list of benefits your company can get if you go on your career break to travel. For example, you’ll pick up a new language or have first-hand experience new cultures.

Even if it’s the case of unpaid leave, your boss might not be willing to let you go on such a career break to travel.

But here’s the tricky thing.

If you’ve decided to go on a career break and want to negotiate for unpaid leave, make sure that you are ready for your boss to say no.

If your boss denies your leave. They would know that you plan to leave, and things can get awkward.

That’s why I don’t recommend you ask about unpaid leave for career break travel unless you’re sure your boss is supportive.

If you have an instinct that your boss might not agree to it, the best thing you can do is start saving money for your career break so you can go on an extended trip without income.

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