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Buying plane tickets for a round-the-world trip

When I was planning my career break, buying air tickets was a big headache.

I had wanted to travel around the world but when I was researching how to buy tickets for that ambitious trip, I was overwhelmed.

At first, I tried cobbling together tickets from different airlines. It was too much work as I wasn’t really sure which airlines covered which destination.

And back then, sites like Skyscanner weren’t as advanced so I kept feeling that I wasn’t getting the best deal by shopping around.

Then I tried to figure out the Round The World tickets sold by airlines alliances. They claimed that their ticket was money-for-value since they cover many different airlines.

But when I tried plotting my trip, I was confused and stressed out.

Their weird terms and conditions include:

  • only being able to fly in one direction
  • not being able to fly to a particular city more than once
  • mandatory confusing extra charges if you’re adding some cities

What I did in the end

Eventually, I got my round-the-world plane tickets through Airtreks.

They had a system which you could use to plot your air tickets. I plugged the cities I wanted to visit on their booking platform and was given a rough cost of the plane tickets.

Then when you′re ready, they′ll get an agent to chat with you to formalize your booking.

I was very excited about the trip and asked to formalise all the plane tickets. Turns out, I was several months too early so I had to postpone the booking.

Finally, it was the right time to book. Airtreks set up a call with me and their agent.

It was a 10pm call since the agent worked in the US. On the phone, I told him my requirements: Flying into airlines in the day and I didn’t want to pay too much money.

Since AirTreks was familiar with flight routes, the agent recommended me two places that I wouldn’t have thought of visiting.

He suggested going to Istanbul for my transfer to South America and that I could extend my stay in El Salvador since I was flying to Los Angeles for a transfer.

We also added El Salvador into the itinerary since I had a stopover there before flying to Los Angeles from Lima, Peru.


What I also liked about AirTreks was that later during my trip they updated me when there were changes to my flights. Even though airlines do that too, I felt like they had my back.

One downside is that the tickets were booked at that point so I wasn’t able to track the cheapest flight. Not that I want to spend so much energy tracking flight prices anyway.

If you’re thinking of a round-the-world trip, get in touch with Airtreks and see how they can help.

My flight turned out to be US$2030 (S$4182). It took up close to 60 percent of my pre-trip expenses.

If you′re interested in getting round-the-world tickets, AirTreks is a good choice.

PS This isn’t a sponsored post. In fact, Airtreks never replied when I applied to be an affiliate. I found their service useful and want you to have an easy time planning your trip.

More about Liau Yun Qing

Yun Qing is a writer, improviser and curious person. She loves finding little adventures in life. In 2013, she went on a 130-day round-the-world trip. She wrote a book to help those who also want to go on a career break.

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