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Plane food, plain food?

Which airline has the best plane food?
Turkish Airlines

Coincidentally, I was planning to live this post about plane food this weekend when the news about the airline with the best plane food was announced.

A lot of people complain about plane food. They think it’s bland, cold and unappetizing.

I love plane food

Not because they are particularly yummy but because it means that I am on a plane.

So what if I have to peel off a tin foil? Or that I am in a seat which I could not fully stretch my elbows? I am eating this kilometers up in the air going to an exotic location (or even heading home from an exotic location.)

Nowadays, I take budget airlines 98 percent of the time and I miss plane food very very much.

Here are some of the few plane food I had these past years.

After all that AirAsia flights, Singapore Airlines’s rides are always an indulgence. Their set meals are fabulously done as well.

Singapore Airlines
Singapore Airlines

When I was a kid, we usually fly Malaysia Airlines to my mom’s hometown, Taiwan. They didn’t serve pork on the flights. So when I got to order pork on China Eastern Airlines, I chose it immediately.

Unfortunately, it was two rather gross giant meatballs in unknown sour sauce. I still ate all of it.

China Eastern Airlines--Meat balls

When I was flying back from Paris to KL on AirAsia, I ordered a chicken set. It was simply the most amazing plane food that I had ever eaten. Too bad I finished it all before I got to take a photo.

On AirAsia, I ordered the Japanese bento. It looked really pretty but was not that yummy.

AirAsia bento

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Q: Do you like plane food or think they are just gross?

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    1. i like! especially when i can book the cook and have my fav lobster thermidore and dom perignon!!

      1. Wow! You must be in first class or business class to have those.

    1. I hate plane food. They’re just awful. Always lacking that good taste of REAL food on the ground. Apart from long-haul flights, I always opt to go hunger than eat any of the stuff they serve on the planes.

      1. I agree they can be really bland.

        Do you sneak real food onto the plane to munch through your flight?


    1. I love airplane food too, not because of the taste, but it’s just damn exciting and I love how it comes in 1 person servings. I love going to airlinemeals.net hahaha.

    1. I agree Singapore Airlines got the best food, but I think Cathay Pacific is a close favourite too. I remember getting Haagan Daz and Ben and Jerry on SQ, they always got these delights!

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