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Does picnic food taste better? Food Friday [#NaBloPoMo Day 06] - YQtravelling

Does picnic food taste better? Food Friday [#NaBloPoMo Day 06]

[In the month of November, I’m blogging for 30 days straight as part of #NaBloPoMo. Check out the archives.]

I used to have a Food Friday and a Glutton Series on this blog. Now that I haven’t been travelling as much, it’s much harder to keep a continuous series.

But for #NaBloPoMo, I’m reviving Food Friday with a twist. I’ll be writing something food-related instead of purely featuring food.

Does picnic food taste better?

There is a tiny park within walking distance of my workplace. Sometimes my colleague Cherry (say “Hello”, this is her second appearance on the blog. She was in a video once but I didn’t give a good answer in the video so I took it down. She designed my awesome book covers.) and I would buy takeaways and have them at the park.

She would buy a salad while I buy anything but salads. Salads are stupid. I used to refuse to eat salads that come as a side dish. But now, I’ll just eat them because I paid for it.

picnic food

I really enjoy these picnic lunches, although balancing a bento box isn’t that easy.

I like the greenery and the warm breeze. I like the cat that I saw once and never saw again. I like that my spot sometimes get too hot because it’s right under a patch of sun.

I like that it’s not in a confined space. I like many things about that little park.

eating in the park

The food doesn’t really taste better at the park. It tastes the same. But the environment makes a difference. I always feel happier after a picnic lunch.

Here’s to more picnic lunches and less haze.

nablopomo 2015

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