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Pamela pays a visit in video: Video Sunday [#NaBloPoMo Day 08] - YQtravelling

Pamela pays a visit in video: Video Sunday [#NaBloPoMo Day 08]

[In the month of November, I’m blogging for 30 days straight as part of #NaBloPoMo. Check out the archives.]

I realized that Video Sunday does not follow the pattern of sharing the same initials as the rest of my #NaBloPoMo days. I’m not particularly affected by it but if you have a good name, let me know.

The first time I met Pamela from Pam Goes Travelling was at a meetup by Jodi from Legal Nomads. I actually have no recollection of seeing Pam there but she mentioned it when I met her a second time during Juno from Runaway Juno‘s Singapore visit.

We haven’t seen each other since Asian Women’s Empowerment Conference in Yogyakarta. But I met her again for lunch today. We also started talking about something we’ll be working on together that’s related to Your Big Break. (Enough hints here.)

I also brought her to a cult event improv workshop. Yay, new victims people finding out about improv.

The first time I talked to Pam about improv was in the second Asian Women’s Empowerment conference about a year ago. She’s finally had enough of it and decided to see it for herself.

Even though she’s iffy about coming to my future shows, Pam, you know you cannot escape it. YOU CANNOT ESCAPE!

One day I will write a post about learning improv and where to watch improv shows in Singapore. Today is not the day because I’m sleepy.

Something cool today (Not NaBloPoMo-related)

Also, I went to Taylor Swift’s concert today. It was amazing!

taylor swift

nablopomo 2015

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