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What I learned from doing a half-assed #NaBloPoMo

At the beginning of the month, I started #NaBloPoMo (National Blog Post Month) which meant I would blog for thirty days in November. I didn’t finish it.

Now that it’s the end of the month, I thought there should be a closure to this instead of letting it hang.

So I scribbled down some of the lessons I’ve learned from doing a half-assed #NaBloPoMo.

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  1. A rigid structure might not be the best thing for me: I set a structure for the days of the week so that I would have a direction of my posts. But it turned out to be my Achilles heel because I couldn’t write whatever I want. Catch-22.
  2. Sometimes I have gems of wisdom but sometimes they’re just coal: I’d like to think that my Motivational Mondays and lifehacks kicked ass. Truthfully, the lifehacks were boring. Maybe I should rename them to Weird Stuff I Do That Might be Useful For You.
  3. Make stories happen: If I had just stayed at home all the weeknights and write stories from memories, it wouldn’t exactly be fun.
  4. I don’t care much about travel or food now: This is the funniest realization I have. In the past, I loved writing about travelling and food. But now that I’ve finished the Grand Tour, travel’s taken the back seat. No new locations, no new food.
  5.  THANK YOU!: In the beginning I was worried that my blog posts would just fall into the Internet void. But there are readers who follow my posts every day. THANK YOU!

December is just two hours away! Do you have any resolutions that still need working on? Do it!


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Yun Qing is a writer, improviser and curious person. She loves finding little adventures in life. In 2013, she went on a 130-day round-the-world trip. She wrote a book to help those who also want to go on a career break.

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