Hi, I’m Yun Qing. I was a travel addict before I cured it with a 130-day trip around the world. Though I don’t travel quite as often nowadays, I still have a lot of tips about how to travel more that I want to share with you.

Currently I have two books on travel: Ultimate Guide to Weekend Travel (value of S$10, free with newsletter sign up, ) and Your Big Break (S$29).

Ultimate Guide to Weekend Travel

When I was in my hardcore travelling phase, I once travelled for 81 days despite only having 18 days of leave.

How did I do it? I travelled during the weekends. In this book, I share with you how to travel more without taking extra leave. Sign up for my mailing list and you’ll receive a copy.

Travel more without taking extra leave. Save time and money with this guide.

Your Big Break (S$29)

I left my job and went on a 130-day trip around the world when I was 26. What people don’t know is that I took two years of saving and planning to make it happen.

In Your Big Break, I share how you can do the same: From deciding how long and where to travel and to coming back to a new career.


More information on yourbigbreak.guide.

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