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Learning calligraphy in Singapore - YQtravelling

Learning calligraphy in Singapore

Calligraphy had always been something I wanted to try out because of The beauty of curved letters and how charmingly old fashion the art is.

modern calligraphy singapore
The calligraphy trace sheet.

I finally had the chance to take a calligraphy class when I found an empty slot at www.thelittlehappyshop.com. The sessions for the classes run out really fast and it was pure luck that I even found a slot that coincided with my free time.

Nearer to the day of the class, I signed up for dive lessons and the full-day session clashed with my calligraphy workshop. Thankfully Ruth managed to sort things out and I could find a new time slot.

And what was even more amazing was that the new location was near my office and I could reach there by foot.

What I learned from writing calligraphy

  1. Don’t beat yourself up if you can’t write beautifully when you are just getting started.
  2. Plan what and how you want your text to look like before starting to write.
  3. Writing with a flexible nib is challenging. (I caved in and bought a fountain pen with a broad nib with cartridges.)
  4. Practice, practice, practice
modern calligraphy singapore
Hand out and name card by Ruth. I love the little pot of black ink.
modern calligraphy singapore
Plan before you start writing.
modern calligraphy singapore
Write what makes you happy

After the class, I tried practicing using Ruth’s sample sheet. It didn’t work out well. I gave the excuse that I do not have a proper table in my room so I cannot write as well.

Stiil, I am glad that I had taken the class. Ruth teaches the fundamentals of calligraphy such as how the nib should flow and size of fonts etc. These are extremely useful skills to know.

What’s the next thing you want to learn? Sign up immediately.

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