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Kream Beer: Frozen beer: Food Friday [#NaBloPoMo Day 13] - YQtravelling

Kream Beer: Frozen beer: Food Friday [#NaBloPoMo Day 13]

[In the month of November, I’m blogging for 30 days straight-NOT REALLY!!!!-as part of #NaBloPoMo. Check out the archives.]

One fine evening, I visited a Korean bar near my workplace–Kream Beer. I decided to visit because on Wednesdays they have free Tarot readings.

I went alone because the readings start at an odd timing. I didn’t think a lot of people would want to spend a mid-week night waiting for tarot readings.

On the menu, they have several types of beer: Kream Beer (foamy beer?), Frozen Beer, Fruity Beer and Fruity Frozen.

kream beer menu

I chose a Yuzu Fruity Frozen because I like the bitter-sweet taste of the citrus. I chose the larger glass because I’m easily duped by Consumer Psychology 101 (See #9 Test 1).

They served me a small serving of Double Decker Prawn Cracker. When I finished it, it was magically refilled.

Prawn cracker and tarot reading number
Prawn cracker and tarot reading number

The drink came in a glass with a moustache. It was delicious. The foam was icy cold, kind of like a 7-11 Slurpee. The Yuzu bits in the drink were very fun to catch.

You’ll need to drink it fast or else the icy foam would gather and form a film of ice. It’s a lot more difficult to drink that way.

kream beer frozen beer

Going solo at a bar

kream beer interior

It was my very first time going to a bar alone. I’m comfortable going to restaurants alone but going to a bar alone was 10 times more nerve wrecking.

I did strut in bravely and chose the counter seat that was furthest from the entrance.

There weren’t any men to hit on (not that I know how to. LOL.) so I stayed in my corner, bravely sipping my Frozen Beer and eating the snack like I do this all the time.

kream beer decor

As I was waiting for my turn for tarot reading, I ordered the cheese fries, despite having eaten dinner. The cheese fries weren’t that impressive. The fries were the regular frozen fries but the cheese was good on its own.

Kream beer verdict

I would come back to Kream Beer just for their beer. It’s absolutely delicious. I’ll probably come with other folks so I can eat the food they have on the menu.

I like the bar’s decor, though it would be a bit difficult for a bigger group because of their small tables.

I recommend coming on Wednesday nights for the Tarot readings. The Reader was pretty good and was patient with questions.

You can find Kream Beer at 60 Duxton Rd, 089524.

nablopomo 2015

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