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I fell off the KonMari wagon: Biggest 2015 resolution regret - YQtravelling

I fell off the KonMari wagon: Biggest 2015 resolution regret

I’ve never been good at keeping New Year’s resolutions  because I kept forgetting where I left my list.

Fortunately, in 2015, I used a new system and app to keep my list and I could refer to it from time to time.

Looking back, I’ve reached some goals and abandoned others. Some I abandon without a care, e.g. #3 Track expenses daily, but there is one that I feel regret for neglecting.

#8 Finish KonMari tidy by March 31, 2015

KonMari is the tidying up method by Kondo Marie who wrote the book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up“.

The biggest takeaway from the book is to only keep things that “spark joy” in your life so you will be surrounded by things you love.

I did well in the beginning

KonMari’s writing had a hypnotizing effect that made me believe that it was possible for me–the craziestly untidy person that I know–to be neat once and for all.

I did the KonMari tidy first with my office table. It worked and I even wrote an article in the staff monthly newsletter on how to spring clean using the KonMari method.

Though it doesn't look tidy, this is 20% of the junk I had at my desk.
Though it doesn’t look tidy, this is 20% of the things I had at my desk.

Then I tried it with my room. I decluttered quite a bit and even shifted the direction of the bed so I would have more space.

Things were going quite well but I hit a snag in Month 2. I didn’t know how to dispose of the clothes and books properly. I procrastinated throwing away these items.

The next thing I know, I was hoarding again. The slightly neat life that I was leading was eroding. I was falling off the wagon and I wasn’t sure how to stop myself.

Things snowballed from there. I was back to square one.

At that point, I gave up hope. Maybe I’m just not meant to be neat at all.

But Debbie reminded me that maybe decluttering wasn’t a priority for me then and not to be too hard on myself.

A second KonMari

Now that we’re in the first day of 2016, I’ve decided to return to my 2015 resolution and continue my KonMari tidying. (I was only half an hour into this KonMari session and I procrastinated by writing this.)

I really hope that I will be able to finish my KonMari tidy this long weekend. Three beautiful days of making a room beautiful.

Wish me luck and persistence in this.

Video time! 2015 resolutions

Our guest today is Cherry Choo who designed the covers for Your Big Break. We talked about our 2015 resoultions. I was quite mournful about KonMari.

Do you have any resolutions from 2015 that you can fix now before the work year starts? Let’s all get it out of the way now!

Update Jan 7: Operation KonMari room is going well. I need to find time for the office table. 

Update Jan 25, 2016: I’m glad I finished my Konmari decluttering in early January. I moved rooms in my rented place and it only took me one night to get everything from one room to another.

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    1. Hi Yun! Congratulations on the second Konmari! I also have a hard time disposing or giving away the things that do not spark joy so they still remain in the house. I hope you will continue. Good luck and much success!

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